10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing on Social Media

10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing on Social Media

Part 2

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Meta description: Social media target marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, we have an awesome social networking marketing strategy list for Twitter and Pinterest right here!

In our previous article on 10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing in Social Media, we showed you 10 simple ways you can boost your sales through Facebook and five simple things you can do on Twitter! Now, we’re continuing the second half of our social networking marketing strategy on Twitter and Pinterest!

Don’t forget to interact with followers

Your followers are the driving force of your Twitter. With more followers, you get more chances of showing off your business, your website, and the products and services you’re selling. But to have more followers, you need to be very active on Twitter as well.

Link to your site appropriately not obsessively

One of the problems that make your followers unfollow you on Twitter is your obsessive need to plug your business or your website. It is a big NO-NO. Always posting about your business will make your tweets seem spammy and everyone hates that. No one likes ad-like tweets or posts popping up in their social feeds.

You can link your website from time to time but never every time. It’s always best to tweet about relevant information that is related to your niche. Reposting funny images or jokes also related to your niche is an excellent way to attract followers. The increase in sales will come later on.

Leech on your niche influencer

The great thing about Twitter is that you can follow anyone without them following you back. You can also mention anyone at any time. You should follow influencers in your niche, and if you have relevant information you’d like to share on the same niche, you should mention influencers in your niche. Their followers will be able to see what helpful tip you can offer and will soon look you up.

Build an amazing Twitter experience

A Twitter experience will give you a significant increase in your social following and indirectly towards selling your products and services. Here are some cool ways you can improve the Twitter experience.

Make your tweets all original

Don’t easily retweet (in fact, barely retweet at all). You should only retweet those that are selectively amazing tweets.

Always respond to mentions and comments on your tweets

Speak the lingo, don’t be sooo stiff when you’re tweeting. That would be a major turn off.

Get your people to tweet!

Like Facebook, if you have a brick and mortar business, you should also make the most of your employee’s Twitter accounts. This will help you maximize your social network marketing strategy by getting your employees to be active in engaging on your business Twitter account.

Twitter Plus 1

We promised you an additional tip to help boost your sales through, and that’s by including a link to your website. But with limited characters, you might end up using all the character allotment on a tweet.

You can use the following sites in shortening your links to give more space for your tweets:

Most popular URL shortener: https://bitly.com

Best for Monetizing Links: http://adf.ly/

With options to customize: https://bit.do

Great for URL customization: http://tinyurl.com/ 

Other Candidates:



Who’d have thought that Pinterest is among the most valued social media marketing platforms? Not only does it have vast reach, your pins usually target the right audience. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, your posts can stay for weeks and even months after posting them. What’s also so right about pins are that you can share and re-share them again.

Infographics are magic images

Pinterest is a highly visual social media networking website. And one of the most pinned pins is infographics. Any infographic and original image or photo you’ve created should also be on Pinterest.

Make your images on your website Pinnable too. This makes social sharing easier for you. It’s also a great way for you to share content on various platforms.

Create a post for each pin

If you click on a certain pin, some pins have posts that elaborate the content of the pin. This makes a pin highly valued by users because they get not only an inspiring image but also relevant content.

Posts in each pin help boost your credibility as a good source of information too. And the more information you can provide, the better it is for your business and your website as a whole.

Post only high-quality images

Since Pinterest is an image dependent social networking site, you need to post high-quality images. They are shareable not just in Pinterest but in other social media platforms as well.

When you have high-quality images, you may even end up getting followers asking to have your pins posted on their blogs or website or even as an ad for their business.

Build busy board communities

Creating a buzz towards your pins is one of the must-dos on Pinterest. The main goal in Pinterest is not to sell but to get a lot of attention and to turn that attention into something very engaging. As we keep mentioning over and over again, engagement is vital in running a social media account no matter what platform it may be.

And on Pinterest, the best way to create a buzz is to build boards that many would love to interact with. Creating boards is a great way of organizing your pins and engaging conversation between you, and interested individuals will help keep your pins high on the search ranks on Pinterest. You also want these engagements since they will also increase your popularity on the site. And we all know what popularity means, it leads to awareness and more sales!

Make each post matter

As someone who wants to make a name on Pinterest, image message value is the most important. Unlike other image-dependent social media platforms, Pinterest only wants high quality and valuable images. It’s not a lifestyle SNS like Instagram. It’s a social network that carries entertaining, persuasive, and informative content. Your main goal needs to have pins that will cater to the needs of various users (especially your target market). 

Make your profile easy to navigate with boards

Aside from keeping your pins properly categorized and organized, boards make it easier to keep track of your pins. It also makes it easier for followers to find your pins. Making everything easy to find and easy to manage. It also makes interaction with your followers easier.

Rich pins for the win

Rich pins are pins that come with extra information. The four most popular types of rich pins are:





Rich pins are pinned more often than typical photo pins. But what’s great Pinterest is that product pins from different websites can be bagged (or carted) and checked out in one go. Pinterest makes it easier for its users to shop and check-out (as long as the products are found on Pinterest).

NOTE: the best products sold and featured on Pinterest are related to parenting blogs, recipe and cooking, and finance blogs.

Post and engage with your audience

Like always, never forget to be active! No matter what effort you put and make in creating your Pinterest account, you need to be sociable as well. This is the only way you can grow and continuously popularize your content via Pinterest.

Monetize your pins appropriately

Another awesome way that you can do on Pinterest is to monetize your pins. Your pins are also good sources of passive income. It may not be , but it’s still income nonetheless.

Repin your pins

One social networking marketing strategy that is very effective on Pinterest is repinning. It can really make your pins popular again if you bring it out in the limelight again!

So, here we have it! This simple awesome list of things you can do will really help you out in boosting income potential for your products and services. What’s even greater is that none of these steps will ever cost you a penny!

If you have other cool tips you’d like to share, you can pop us an email or comment down below!