Using Colors Makes 30% More Users to Buy Product or Services

Using Colors Makes 30% More Users to Buy Product or Services

Planning to build your brand or site? Colors increase brand awareness by 80% Learn which are the best colors to use in marketing and creating your brand here!

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Who’d have thought that changing a few colors on your logo, posts, website, and even brick and mortar business interior can increase your sales? The use of color in marketing is more popular than you know, but just how much do you know about adjusting colors to benefit your sales? This effective use of colors is called color psychology.

What is color psychology?

Color psychology understands how colors and hues affect human behavior. It is a highly useful tool to communicate emotions and abstract thoughts to influence a person’s way of thinking or the next course of action. 

Is color psychology important?

Yes, absolutely! Many advertisers are already aware of the fact that colors have an impact on people’s decision making. The different colors in the color wheel impart different feelings. And for this reason, colors are used to attract customers towards your brand. Furthermore, the use of proper colors for your brand will increase brand awareness for about 80%.

This is a practical but very productive start to branding. When you are starting to build an online presence for your business, you’d like to start attracting people the moment you begin. Marketers, promoters, advertisers, or however you call it, all know the power of choosing the right color.  

And here at KCMO Ads, we also know just what a change in color can change the impact of your brand to users. So, let’s find out.

What are the best colors to use in marketing?

Since different colors evoke different sorts of emotions, it’s best to know which emotions your business would like to exude. Let’s look at which colors are best for what business and which colors you should be using when advertising.

Color psychology and Their Meanings


Red is the most prominent brand color out there. Red is one of the most striking colors that immediately catch someone’s attention. It pops among a sea of colors, and it is one of the reasons why this color is the most used brand color for all types of business. Why, you ask?

Red is a color that has the strongest impact on many users and customers. Every time you go to the mall, you find it painted in red when there is a massive sale. That’s because red represents intense feelings like:

  • Happiness
  • Excitement
  • Rage
  • Love
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Strength
  • Lust
  • Power

If you notice, red catches one’s attention because it pulls out strong feelings from anyone, whether it is a positive or negative feeling, the color influences you to have a strong emotion. For this reason, red has a strong pull towards customers and online users as well.

However, since it is a very striking color, it has to be used minimally. Too much of the color is an eyesore and will turn heads back because the intensity of the color red can also be overwhelming. For that reason, it is often paired with colors that provide balance like white and yellow.

Brands: Coca-Cola, Virgin, Lego, Mcdonalds, Nintendo Pinterest, Gmail, Burger King, Wendys

Industry Best for: Food, Child Products and Services, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, and Throughout all Industries

  • Yellow

Yellow is a really happy color. It may be a very positive hue; it is a color that easily catches your attention. Like red, it is also a powerful color that represents:

  • Happiness
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Brightness
  • Energy
  • Awareness

Though yellow offers a mostly positive feeling or emotion, it is among the most dangerous colors that you can use in marketing. That’s because a strong presence of yellow is just as overwhelming (and quite frankly too bright for the eyes to keep staring at). It may be an excellent color for marketing, but it is barely used as the main color for brands. It is, however, a popular color that is often paired with other hues like red and black.

Brand: Bic, Caterpillar, SnapChat, McDonald’s, National Geographic, Reese’s, Ferrari

Industry Best for: Food, Sports, Travel, and Leisure

  • Orange

Another warm and positive color on our list is orange. It is a color that exudes positive energy and is highly appealing to the youth. What’s impressive about the color orange is that it gives a business or a company that is cool and cutting edge. 

What’s surprising about Orange is that it is a color that is scarcely used. Considering that it exudes a lot of positive energy and it’s a color that is really eye-catching, Orange is hardly used as a brand’s primary hue.

TIP: If you want to set yourself apart, especially if you are running an online business, the best color to choose is Orange because it represents:

  • Coolness
  • Trend
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Motivation
  • Positivity
  • Warmth
  • Fun
  • Creativity
  • Optimism

The use of Orange builds fascination and it since it is an attractive color, it promotes a sense of calling urging users to easily make a transaction or build a relationship with your business.

Brand: Fanta Soda, Reese’s, Amazon, 

Industry best for: Technology, Art, Food (preferably refreshments), Orange, 

  • Green

One of the most promoted colors in the market is Green. The color itself has a strong representation of health and lifestyle. And it is closely associated with almost all types of businesses from food to products to even non-profit. 

Green is not an ordinary color because it is the only color that influences a person to make smarter, wiser, and healthier decisions. Green also represents the following:

  • Safety
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Reliability
  • Growth
  • Stability
  • Nature 

This is one of the most used colors in branding because it is a color that also brings promise to prosperity both in health and in business. 

Brand: Sprite, Starbucks, TicTac,  Spotify, Land Rover, Animal Planet

Industry best in: Health Products, Skincare products, Banking, Farming, Environment, Real Estate

  • Blue

For some reason, blue is matched off against pink as a masculine color. Blue is among the most loved and preferred color in the world. If you ask a random person around for their favorite color, one out of five would have probably told you it’s BLUE.

Blue introduces a sense of calm. It is a color that is cooler to the eyes and unnerves the brain from tension and stress. But there is more to blue than just bringing a sense of serenity. It is a great color used by many businesses to establish their own brand. Since it is such a natural color to many, it creates familiarity with your business, making your business easier to be comfortable in. Aside from calmness and serenity, blue also represents:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Security
  • Authority
  • Success
  • Control
  • Order
  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Communication

These feelings make blue a great color to add to your brand, especially if you render paid services. Services are built on trust and communication, and blue is just the right color to represent that.

  • Purple/ Violet

As the color at the end of the rainbow, purple or violet is a color that you shouldn’t mess around with. Purple is a color that is popularly known or related to royalty or a sense of being regal. This is a color that shows strength and wealth. Though it is also associated as a gender-biased color preferring the feminine side.

But in the color wheel, there is purple and violet. So what’s the difference between purple and violet? Though both colors are created by mixing red and blue, purple has more red while violet has more hues of blue. Purple is closer to the feminine aspect of the color while violet leans more on the darker duller side of the color wheel.

Purple Violet

The colors are quite different from each other, but they both have the same influence over a person. Purple and violet inspire creativity and wisdom; it also represents:

  • Compassion
  • Mystery
  • Spirituality
  • Fantasy
  • Uniqueness
  • Originality
  • Profoundness

Purple and violet represent strong feelings related to the intellect. This is a great color to use if you offer services related to services that require the intellect like accounting and finance, law, and the like. It’s also greatly used for industries related to humanitarian works and even those that are related to spirituality. But concerning business, this is a great color to represent your brand if you are selling luxury items.

Brand: Yahoo!, FedEx, Cadbury, Hallmark, Taco Bell, Wonka

Industry best in: Humanitarian, Paid Services, Luxury Items

Now that we’re done with the colors of the rainbow and what they signify, let’s talk about other popular colors used in marketing. To know more, go to the next part of this article and find out what the colors Pink, Brown, Black, and Gray means and which aspects of business are they best used for.

We’re not just stopping there, we will also teach you what color combinations are great for what type of business. Ready to learn more about the best colors to use for marketing? If so, just follow our next post on the proper use of color in marketing to help boost your business.