Paid VS Free: Services That Will Increase your ROI Guaranteed

Paid VS Free: Services That Will Increase your ROI Guaranteed

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Setting up our very own business website has its perks when it comes to sales. There will (even if it’s a little bit) always be some sort of an increase in your sales. But to get things going, you need the right tools to set up your online business and increase ROI (return on investment). Unlike your business, you weigh your ROI based on your expenses deducted from your investment. But when you bring your business online, your investment is completely different; it’s all about marketing and your aim to increase marketing ROI.

What is Marketing ROI?

Marketing ROI, or return on marketing investment (ROMI), is the money earned from marketing your product or services where the cost of marketing is your initial and primary investment.  So for every dollar spent on marketing, you need to get more than a dollar back to have a good ROI. 

What Paid or Free Services Do I need to Increase Marketing ROI?

When you find tools and sites that provide ways to make it easier for you to manage your website and even increase your sales. Do you really need to buy a premium of these services or should you just settle for the free services offered? Are these paid services worth it? What can you get from these services? Let’s find out.

Social Media Promotion

Is it worth it to put your money on social Media advertisements like Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads help generate a profitable campaign for your business. But what is the ideal cost of profit from these Ads? There are two popular advertisements that businesses often always Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Is Facebook Ads Effective?

Yes, it is if you know what you’re doing. To make any Facebook Ads effective is to run your first course of the campaign and then use it for analysis.

Here is how you can effectively use your Facebook Ad:

  1. Monitor using Audience Insights. Though you want to target a certain demographic, you will be surprised to find that the most number of engagements you get belongs to a different demographic. Audience Insights can help you identify your audience and get an accurate measurement.
  2. Increase Relevance Score. Like Google, they want to post ads that are relevant to the interests of a certain user. Posting and advertising the same theme or content related to your page will help build relevance score. Higher relevance score means lesser cost per click. 
  3. Create different Ad campaigns using the same content. This is what we call split testing. You can use the same Ad but change one element like your headline or your description. Test these ads in different campaigns and see which one gets the most response and apply it to the next. TIP: you can also experiment using the same ad but in different placements.
  4. Target a New Audience. You don’t want to spend a click on those who are already patronizing your content. Try to attract a different set of audience by excluding those who already like your page.

Is Google Ads Effective?

Yes, at some point. However, compared to Facebook Ads, Google Ads is more competitive than you think it is. Unlike Facebook where you can specifically target audiences, demographics, and even customize your Ad placements, it’s not the same as is in Google. In Google, you bid for keywords. 

How to make an Effective Google Ads Campaign?

Never use it for brand awareness campaigns. It’s is very risky to spend a lot of money on Adwords just to increase awareness of your online business. Always make sure that your ads should generate income. Bidding on keywords are expensive, and you have to make sure that you earn more than what you bid on. However, big and small businesses alike vouch for Adwords as a great platform to increase marketing ROI.

Do plenty of research before diving into Adwords. Adwords is very risky because it’s hard to find a cheap CPC for high-value keywords. That’s why you need to understand Google Adwords, how it functions, and how your target users think.

Always have a targeted Landing page for each campaign. Every campaign needs to go somewhere. And creating a high-quality landing is a major requirement before you set up an ad campaign for it. 


Paid ads will reap benefits if you use it well. Get professional digital marketing experts like KCMO Ads if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

Social Media Management

Social media advertising is a great way to increase ROI, but do you need to pay for tools that will help you manage multiple social media accounts in one tool? We’ve come across platforms that lets you manage multiple social network accounts in one like:

  • Buffer (
  • Hoot Suite (
  • Sprout Social (
  • Social Pilot (
  • MavSocial (
  • And many more (

The price ranges from free limited services up to $299 monthly for automated social media management. However, upon trying and checking out their services, we’ve come to find that these tools are also very limited and only support major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Furthermore, we’ve also compared the prices of these services to hiring expert freelance social media managers and found that hiring a person to do these tasks in detail is a better option than having a computer automate your posts and social media activities. In the end, you will still need a person to handle these tools on a regular basis.


Get the free services and hire a social media manager instead. The free services offer the fundamentals of managing social media accounts which include a single inbox, and multiple posting across various platforms. Other paid services are just fluff and you can work with what you have especially if you’re running a small local business. A person who can manage your accounts will be able to customize, adjust, and satisfy your marketing strategies via social media.

SEO Tools

We don’t think this is worth asking because you will surely find out the true benefits of getting a paid SEO tool or services. The only question you have to ask is which tools should you choose instead? With so many tools to choose from which one best fits your business? Find out the top SEO tools used by experts (


Get a paid service but don’t go for the most expensive premium, always set your eyes on the middle priced package because you’re bound to get more than the essentials but not going overboard with services that you don’t need. You don’t have to buy the premium, especially if you’re running a small website. Make sure you study which tools are best for your industry before making a final decision.

Analytic Tools

These tools help you gauge just how well your performance is doing in search engines. It also gives you accurate metrics of traffic based on various elements and factors. You need statistical tools that help you visualize whether or not your website is performing as it should. But if you’re asking whether or not it’s worth putting your money into, the answer is NO!

Google Analytics is readily available at your disposal, and it is easy to integrate it with your website without any cost. Besides, most paid SEO tools already come with analytical tools that will give you just as accurate measurements.


Definitely NOT! You can do away with the services provided by Google.

Now you know which services you should and shouldn’t have to pay for. You can find tools and services online that will help you simplify your journey to a successful online business. But if you’re really uncertain about how to start and what to do, give us a call, and we’re ready to lend a helping hand!