6 Awesome Ways to Dominate the Social Media Marketing World

6 Awesome Ways to Dominate the Social Media Marketing World

With so many advertisers out there, how would you know what to do to be on top of the social media marketing platform? Read on to learn the tricks of the trade.

You’ve probably heard that creating engaging content for each post that you make will guarantee traffic to your website. You’ve also probably heard that you need to use the most interesting titles to get the attention of users towards your website. Though they have proven to be effective at some point, it’s not always true that it will work out for you either. Let’s face it. Everyone is doing the same thing, desperately finding ways to dominate the social media marketing world.

Everyone is already creating engaging content, and everyone is also using fun titles as a ‘click-bait.’ Using a social media marketing platform is no longer a ‘new and revolutionary’ way of marketing your brand, your products, or your services. So, the question now is, how can you dominate something that everyone is already using?

  1. You actually need to pay

You can barely make a hit nowadays with free marketing. Much like any other advertising strategy before the internet existed, we highly recommend that you make the most of paid ads. Don’t worry, though, online ads are way cheaper than other ways of advertising your product. Many advertisers swear by using Facebook ads while the majority will say that it is practically a waste of time.

So, what’s the difference? Facebook Ads is only useful if you run a targeted ads campaign. On Facebook, you can customize your reach by specifying what location and which demographic you want to reach out to. In fact, if you already have an existing list of emails subscribed to your website or your emails, you can import that list to your Facebook ads campaign to target these customers.

Remember that your objective in paying ads on Facebook is by getting people to convert. You don’t just want them to view your page but instead go to your website and make a paid purchase.

  1. Social media has a unique search engine

What’s so unique about the search engines in social media is that you can get a direct way of communicating with people that share the same interest as you. If for example, you want to search Twitter with any phrase related to your niche, you get results that lead you to potential leads and partners. 

If you have a bakery in Colorado, and you want more people to come to your doors, you can run a quick check on Twitter and find results for ‘Bakery Colorado.’

You will get this immediate result…

Almost instantly, you get relevant results that point to people who take an interest in bakeries in Colorado. What’s more is that with the short tweets, you can also weed out the ones that are not relevant to you. The results are quite diverse because you’re only looking for those who mentioned ‘bakery’ and ‘Colorado’ in the same tweet. But if you change your search to ‘Best Bakery Colorado.’ You get a list of people posting about great bakeries they’ve been to.

You get a more specific result posting recommendations for bakeries they’ve been to. It is where you will know how well or how bad your bakery’s publicity is. You can already start to strategize your way of marketing your business better by finding out what you lack. It will also give you a list of people who find your bakery a great place to go to, and you can personally reach out to them and give them a promo for their next visit. This allows you to make direct contact with satisfied visitors and turn them into ‘Loyalists.’

  1. Establish your brand with third-party platforms

This is probably steering away from your actual objective, which is to get traffic towards your website. But by engaging or making your presence known in third-party platforms extends your reach to more than 100% of what your website is already tapping. Why is that? Well, with over billions of existing sites out there, you’re bound to split the difference with only a few million users. Others before have probably already been reaching out to millions of viewers in their platforms and engaging yourself with other platforms not only extends your reach but also builds awareness to your brand.

You can also rank in other social media network like in Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to gain better exposure and also direct the growing interest to your personality towards your website. No matter what happens, you still get what you need: exposure and reach.

  1. Don’t try to outwit the system but build a community

Social media has a fixed way of doing things. It allows you to customize your ads (like Facebook), and it also allows you to build a community organically within the platform. Social media has been there for almost ten years now. And you can’t really cheat your way to getting a massive community in an instant. It takes time to build, but what you can do is build a community among the ones that are already following you.

One great way of creating an established following on social media is by turning your existing customers into loyal supporters of your brand, and they will be willing to ‘spread the word.’ You should try and gather those who are most active in constantly making purchases, rendering services, or even those who just love to interact with your posts and other activities. 

Create a group that would love to interact with each other having you as their ‘common’ ground. This small list will build an active community that will support your brand. But when you are creating this group, don’t be too aggressive in marketing your business. Be subtle and talk about a related niche or related interests that still have subtle hints about what you are offering.

  1. Trends don’t always last long, analyze what works for you

We already have strong established social media platforms that allow you to build and establish a good community for your business or your website. You can already focus on these massive social media platforms to market your business.

Chasing after trending platforms not only take you away from your focus on your current social media activities, but a growing trend still has a solid ground for you to hold onto. Remember that trends have a quick growth in attention, but it also dies down just the same

Only a few trends stick for a long time, and those are the platforms that you want to be in. Also, you have to take note that when you chase after a trend, your competitors are also doing the same thing. To make a difference, utilize the proper use of each social media marketing platform to your advantage. 

  1. Tags, tags, and more tags are your social media keywords

Never forget to add related hashtags to your posts. Make sure the in every moment you make a tweet, share an image, pin a cute pin, or share videos, always make it a point that you tag your location, your activity, and any other related hashtag you can think of.

Hashtags are more powerful than you think. It allows you to find people who are tagging their interests. It is an excellent way to analyze a demographic of particular interest or hobby, and it is also an efficient way of finding direct contact to potential customers as well as partners. But also remember this, you need to be active in your social media platforms. If you cannot, then you must find a way of doing so like hiring a team of professional social media managers, digital marketing agencies to manage your platforms, and even freelancers.

Social Media Marketing is no longer new, but it is still highly possible to get a great marketing from it. You just need to start doing the right things. These are only a few ways to help you dominate the social media marketing world to build your brand and your business.