What Am I Doing Wrong with Social Media Marketing?

What Am I Doing Wrong with Social Media Marketing?

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You’re probably wondering why in the world your social media marketing efforts are just not paying off. No matter how much you pay ads, they barely get you traffic. And no matter how hard you keep up your social media accounts, the ads won’t even give a single conversion. It’s all just waste of your valuable time. And money. And we’re pretty sure you’re asking yourself ‘What the hell am I doing wrong with social media marketing?’ 

Social media marketing is among the most effective ways of marketing your online business. However, it is also the easiest method of screw up. Social media marketing mistakes are very common but it is effective in most of the time you apply it. But if you’re doing the wrong things, you’ll never reap the full benefits of amazing market and traffic you can get from it. Here are ways you’re doing it wrong and how you can fix your mistakes.

  1. You’re Treating it Like a Side Project

One of the reasons why most online businesses fail to get good traffic from social media is simply because they sideline social media. Online businesses will never catch a break if they don’t take social media marketing seriously.

Have you ever wondered why some online businesses hire a social media account manager in the first place? You may think of it as a waste of money to hire someone to open Facebook and make posts, then think again. Facebook caters to more than 2 billion active users, and all of them are creating posts at a time. 

The average lifespan of a Facebook post is merely a maximum of 5 hours. In about 3 hours, your post will have already gotten to 75% of your maximum reach or exposure. And from then on, the lifespan of your post quickly plummets to the point that it disappears. On the other hand, Twitter has a lifespan of 30 minutes unless it gets viral.

What to do: You need to take social media marketing seriously. Every post you make counts and to be able to get traffic from social media, you need to have constant exposure. It means you need to keep making posts.

  1. Everything is Automated

Automated messages are fine especially when you have a stream of followers making inquiries, but it shouldn’t stop there. One common mistake people do is that they think automated messages will answer all of your subscriber’s queries. When this happens, followers lose interest in waiting for you to interact with them.

What to do: Always stay in touch. If you cannot handle it yourself get someone to manage your social media accounts to provide your followers with real human interaction.

  1. You’re Not Doing the “Social” Part

There is no point in having a social media account if you’re not going to be social at all. Another social media marketing mistake that most people make is that they only use social media accounts for promotion in hopes of getting people to subscribe and support your online business. But, the truth is, it’s not worth it if that is your only purpose. Social media is meant for engagement. With or without any promotions or special offers, you are building awareness towards your business on an hourly basis.

What to do: Stay active on your social media account. Post, repost, share, and like posts to always stay in your subscriber’s radar. Social media should be used primarily as an instrument to establish brand awareness and not just to make posts about upcoming events and promotions.

  1. You’re Winging it

No influencer online will ever get popular if they just ‘winged it’. It is not a part-time effort but rather something that needs careful strategizing to get a broad reach and a high number of impressions and converts.

What to do: Dedicate at least an hour of your time each day to monitor and stay active on your social media accounts. Make sure that queries are answered. Your account must have at least one post for each day and always check on your notifications as well.

  1. Relying Too Much On Paid Ads

Boosting a Facebook Ad post will definitely increase your reach but just leaving everything to boosts and paid ads will result in zero interaction and convert.

What to do: The moment you make a post, keep your attention to it. Make sure that when you boost a post, you have to monitor it for the first couple of hours. It will help you gauge the effectivity of boosting your posts. If you just leave your paid ads alone, you’ll never know if it is doing your business any good. It’s also a good way of knowing whether your social media strategy is hurting your brand name as well.

  1. Not Keeping Up With The Trend

To get tons of attention towards your site, you need always to stay updated. Knowing the trend is one of the ways to keep your posts and your engagements highly active.

What to do: Holidays, top news, top entertainment trends, and popular events are things you should always look out for. When you’re up-to-date, it’s easier to keep in line with the track and gain more people’s attention. 

  1. Poor Content Quality

Just because they are posts that only last for a few hours (or days in other social media platforms) doesn’t mean that you should have simple low-quality posts. Remember that each of your posts carries the potential to turn a follower into a customer. Poor quality content will even make some of your patrons unfollow you in social media. 

What to do: If you are not so talented in making written content, make up for it using great visuals. Quality is all about creating a post that is highly attractive to the eyes of many.

  1. You Do Not Measure Your Stats

Do you know how many people your ads reached? How many impressions have is made? Not measuring your ad promotions or the posts engagements that you make and the traffic the comes from your social media accounts is one of the sure ways of you losing a ton of traffic. Not knowing how efficient and effective your strategies are technically doing your business blind.

What to do: You can easily measure your traffic through plugins on your WordPress website and tools that measure your social media marketing strategies. It will give you a clear way of analyzing which of the social media platforms are useful and which ones are failing and working to your disadvantage.

  1. You’re Using the Wrong Social Media Platform

Who said that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media platforms you can use to get traffic and converts to your website. Other platforms will drive better campaigns to your site. 

What to do: Do your research first before deciding which social media platform to focus on. Some businesses that have local establishments are perfect for Facebook. Those who want to reach professionals can market in LinkedIn, and those online freelancers who would like to sell their visual artworks can do better on Instagram and Pinterest. Other platforms are SnapChat, Reddit, and many more.

  1. It’s Not Visual Enough

No one finds entire paragraphs of words enticing. Even if the content is excellent but if it doesn’t have any visual appeal, no one is going to give it a second look.

What to do: If you want people to be attracted to your posts, you should utilize the proper use of colors and images. Posts should be highly visual because that is the only way to catch the attention of users to skip other posts and focus on yours.

  1. You’re Not Optimizing Your Posts

Publishing posts after posts will not guarantee a broader reach. You need to find a way to reach not only a larger number of people but the right people as well.

What to do: Optimize your posts by adding hashtags or other related posts. But make sure that you create a unique hashtag for your business. 

  1. Social Media Won’t Do It All

Being active in social media will not make everything work out the way you want it to if most of your marketing strategies are solely from social media. There are other strategies to focus on to market your business.

What to do: create a new strategy to market your business if social media is not working. Try to personally find clients yourself (if you must) but never solely depend on posts to make your business easy to find.

These may be simple, but these mistakes are costing you a lot of money, time, effort, and even traffic that’s not growing. If you are stagnant for just a week of marketing, you need to look at your strategy again and find a way to improve it.