Strategic Search Engine Marketing Practices for 2019

Strategic Search Engine Marketing Practices for 2019

Search engine marketing (SEM) is key for growing your brand using the power of the Internet. While it’s critical to use organic tactics for getting free traffic to your site over a long period of time, you cannot fully capitalize on the power of the internet without using the combined power of SEO and PPC. That’s exactly what SEM is all about. One of the top agencies KCMO ADS for a professional SEM service.

What is Search Engine Marketing?
SEM marketing is the process of advertising your site and business using free and paid media to ensure that your brand becomes known to your target niche and you are driving highly competitive traffic to your site. SEM is different than SEO. While the latter means ranking your site for common search terms, the former includes SEO, plus it also includes PPC. KCMO ADS considers this strategy to be the dynamite to increasing sales abnormally.

So basically SEM, (PPC), pay per click is only part of the picture. SEM also includes SEO. Search engine marketing includes all the techniques you do in order to rank your site online and get constant traffic to your site.

When it comes to SEO vs SEM, you need to remember that SEM includes all the SEO tactics. So basically an agency like KCMO ADS offering SEM services is also offering you SEO services such as content creating, link building and site infrastructure improvement.

Top SEM Practices in 2019
In 2019, if you want to grow your business like never before, you need to grasp the SEM concept and also understand how to leverage this concept in order to grow your business. Let’s take a closer look at the top SEM practices this year. Note: if you have any questions in regards to Google Ads KCMO ADS is the go-to company.

1. Create a strong marketing strategy: to start off, you need to look at your company goals. What is it you want to achieve with your business? What markets do you want to expand in the following years? You need to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy tha includes setting up your business goals, delivering value on your site, researching your target niche and planning your budget.

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2. Optimize your website: Your website is the gateway between you and your customers. An appealing website goes a long way to prove that you are the real deal. Your site needs to be fully optimized. SEO comes into play here. You need original content, great links, smooth infrastructure, and nice design. You also need to use keywords that people search in Google, Bing or other search platforms. To optimize your website, start by analyzing it using free and paid tools. Next, look at your competitors and see what they are doing better than you. Create a site map, perform keyword research and create a mobile-optimized site that loads super quick. Do not forget to also validate your HTML, create an XLM sitemap, avoid using frames, use the right CTAs like click here and keep track of the hottest points on your site using Hotjar.

3. Focus on content
Content is still king in 2019. You need it not just for SEO, but also for PPC and for conversion. Your content should include keywords displayed in your ads on Google Ads, plus it needs to entice customers to click the CTAs and interact with your site. Your content should be easy to read and digest by both users and search engine crawlers. When creating content, try to include a mix of content, from text and images to videos, infographics and digital assets. Keep your site readers entertained and you’ll grow your brand exponentially. Moreover, stay within the boundaries of white-hat SEO when creating content and ensure it is 100% original.

4. Optimize it all for Mobile
Last year (2018) was the first year in history when mobile traffic surpassed the traffic that comes from desktop. Since then, mobile kept growing. Thus, it is imperative to have your site optimized for mobile users, especially if you don’t want to give up over 50% of your potential customers. Depending on your target audience, you might want to create mobile-focused ads, focus on mobile keywords and design pages with little content and a lot of animations for mobile. Focus on mobile and you’ll succeed in 2019 and beyond.

5. Use A/B testing: lastly, you can capitalize on the benefits of search engine marketing if you use A/B testing on a regular basis. Take advantage of what Optimizely or Hotjar has to offer and test the traffic on your site. Also, use the free ad split testing tools offered by Facebook and Google to test your ads and see which one performs better.

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