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SEO Companies in Las Vegas

When your business is just beginning to move into the world of Internet marketing, you will definitely need an effective SEO Company that can help you build your online presence like KCMO ADS and attract the targeted audience of online consumers. It is therefore crucial that you have a competent company that can provide you with useful information about internet marketing.

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But what exactly does an SEO Company Las Vegas do?

Well for starters, KCMO ADs will look at your specific niche and selects the ideal keywords and phrases that are going to drive traffic to your website. Using the keywords on your site, it will be able to attract traffic to your site without sacrificing your website quality and usability. And if there is no keyword to help in your seo services las vegas, your site can be ranked at the bottom of the search engine results pages. If you already have a site with good search engine optimization, then this part is quite easy. All you need to do is to ensure that your keywords are not all-time-worst keywords, which will make them less likely to appear in Google.

By having an KCMO ADS, you have the advantage of choosing someone who is experienced and qualified to work with you. This will help you avoid hiring one that might try to charge you too much for the services that they render. A good SEO company has the advantage of looking after your content and creating SEO articles and creating you well structured, SEO-friendly content for you.

With an SEO firm in Las Vegas, you are able to pick a company that has an active forum to discuss all aspects of your business in an open and honest manner like KCMO ADS Las Vegas SEO Company. These discussions could include the issue of quality versus quantity, how to tweak your website and even ask the experts about your business. However, it would be best if you ask the experts about the most efficient ways to optimize your website.

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There are many companies that claim to offer SEO services but you need to make sure that the service provider is an SEO company that actually provides the right service for your business. You should always make sure that you have the best possible SEO Company in Las Vegas. Visit to find your specialist. This will ensure that your site does not rank at the bottom of search engine results, regardless of what kind of SEO company you pick. This is why it is important that you choose an SEO Company in Las Vegas that offers not only SEO services but also website marketing and content creation.

There are many Las Vegas SEO firm that provide quality service but if they are unable to successfully optimize your website, they will not be able to retain any customer and will ultimately fail. With this in mind, choose a firm that can offer you all the services that you need in order to have your website ranked high in the search engines.

An SEO company that is proficient and experienced will also ensure that your website remains relevant and is user-friendly for all the internet users. By having a reliable Las Vegas SEO agency, you are guaranteed that your website will be visible to all the people from any part of the world and at the same time, you will be able to use internet marketing techniques to create an outstanding website that will attract high rankings in the search engines.

If you want to rank on page one of any search engine then it would be wise to contact Las Vegas SEO KCMO ADS.


Strategic Search Engine Marketing Practices for 2019

Search engine marketing (SEM) is key for growing your brand using the power of the Internet. While it’s critical to use organic tactics for getting free traffic to your site over a long period of time, you cannot fully capitalize on the power of the internet without using the combined power of SEO and PPC. That’s exactly what SEM is all about. One of the top agencies KCMO ADS for a professional SEM service.

What is Search Engine Marketing?
SEM marketing is the process of advertising your site and business using free and paid media to ensure that your brand becomes known to your target niche and you are driving highly competitive traffic to your site. SEM is different than SEO. While the latter means ranking your site for common search terms, the former includes SEO, plus it also includes PPC. KCMO ADS considers this strategy to be the dynamite to increasing sales abnormally.

So basically SEM, (PPC), pay per click is only part of the picture. SEM also includes SEO. Search engine marketing includes all the techniques you do in order to rank your site online and get constant traffic to your site.

When it comes to SEO vs SEM, you need to remember that SEM includes all the SEO tactics. So basically an agency like KCMO ADS offering SEM services is also offering you SEO services such as content creating, link building and site infrastructure improvement.

Top SEM Practices in 2019
In 2019, if you want to grow your business like never before, you need to grasp the SEM concept and also understand how to leverage this concept in order to grow your business. Let’s take a closer look at the top SEM practices this year. Note: if you have any questions in regards to Google Ads KCMO ADS is the go-to company.

1. Create a strong marketing strategy: to start off, you need to look at your company goals. What is it you want to achieve with your business? What markets do you want to expand in the following years? You need to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy tha includes setting up your business goals, delivering value on your site, researching your target niche and planning your budget.

Visit for the best marketing strategies.

2. Optimize your website: Your website is the gateway between you and your customers. An appealing website goes a long way to prove that you are the real deal. Your site needs to be fully optimized. SEO comes into play here. You need original content, great links, smooth infrastructure, and nice design. You also need to use keywords that people search in Google, Bing or other search platforms. To optimize your website, start by analyzing it using free and paid tools. Next, look at your competitors and see what they are doing better than you. Create a site map, perform keyword research and create a mobile-optimized site that loads super quick. Do not forget to also validate your HTML, create an XLM sitemap, avoid using frames, use the right CTAs like click here and keep track of the hottest points on your site using Hotjar.

3. Focus on content
Content is still king in 2019. You need it not just for SEO, but also for PPC and for conversion. Your content should include keywords displayed in your ads on Google Ads, plus it needs to entice customers to click the CTAs and interact with your site. Your content should be easy to read and digest by both users and search engine crawlers. When creating content, try to include a mix of content, from text and images to videos, infographics and digital assets. Keep your site readers entertained and you’ll grow your brand exponentially. Moreover, stay within the boundaries of white-hat SEO when creating content and ensure it is 100% original.

4. Optimize it all for Mobile
Last year (2018) was the first year in history when mobile traffic surpassed the traffic that comes from desktop. Since then, mobile kept growing. Thus, it is imperative to have your site optimized for mobile users, especially if you don’t want to give up over 50% of your potential customers. Depending on your target audience, you might want to create mobile-focused ads, focus on mobile keywords and design pages with little content and a lot of animations for mobile. Focus on mobile and you’ll succeed in 2019 and beyond.

5. Use A/B testing: lastly, you can capitalize on the benefits of search engine marketing if you use A/B testing on a regular basis. Take advantage of what Optimizely or Hotjar has to offer and test the traffic on your site. Also, use the free ad split testing tools offered by Facebook and Google to test your ads and see which one performs better.

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8 Mind Blowing Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Agency Today

You’ve probably already asked around what the internet can do for your business. You’ve probably heard about how great a website is for the growth of your business. But for some reason, you don’t really know what to do with a website and much less, what to put in it. Content marketing is the leading way of not just filling up your content. It is the best way to get users to visit your website. It’s pretty easy to get an online marketing agency to do the work for you, but how do you know you’re getting the right one. How do you know that you really need one in the first place? 

If you search Google for the definition of content marketing, you get this:

Sounds complicated, right? Here’s a more simple way of putting it.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that uses different types of content like articles, images, and videos to gain attention towards a web page or site. It doesn’t directly promote or urge users to engage in a transaction but rather to attract interest to its product and services.

What is the primary purpose of content marketing?

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to get traffic to a web page or site with the hopes of a user making a paid purchase. The main idea behind content marketing is to create a space where users and online business owners (even site creators) can engage and exchange interest. Content marketing is not limited to content creation, and SEO. It is a complicated process that uses the content as the main product.

Can I do content marketing myself?

Of course, you can. Content marketing is relatively easy to learn. However, it is a struggle to master. Though anyone can learn content marketing, it is a volatile structure that is very hard to cope up with.

Why is content marketing important?

  • Improves Visibility

One of the things that Google loves about a website is great content. With black hat SEO rising in the industry, Google was forced to create a smarter system that identifies websites with high-quality content. It is now the basis of how Google’s search engine rank system.

Not only does great content improve your rank, but it also enhances user experience. Better user experience leads to better user engagement. And with that results in improved visibility and traffic towards your website.

  • Enhances Search Ranking.

As mentioned above, Google puts websites with great content higher in its search rankings. In 2012, Google launched its new algorithm called Penguin. It is a reward system that promotes websites with quality content and pushes low-quality sites down the ranks. This new algorithm allows websites with organic, high-quality content to receive better views resulting from a natural boost in search rankings.

  • Boosts Reputation

If your website is a hub for quality content, then your website becomes a trusted center of information. If your site contains valuable content vital to the needs of online users, then you build confidence and trust towards your website and ultimately towards the products and services that you are offering.

  • Increases Sales

We’ve already mentioned that the ultimate goal of content marketing is to (indirectly) encourage users to buy from you. And with great content, you can quickly increase your sales. Content marketing is all about playing multiple factors, from content to increase brand awareness and visibility to conversion. If done properly and effectively, content marketing will be your primary agent in driving sales.

  • Helps SEO practices

SEO is one of the essential things that helps a website promote its content. Without SEO, your site won’t even catch the attention of Google. SEO is the core of your website, but content marketing is its highlight. It provides a shortcut for you to boost your SEO and drive traffic towards your website.

Reasons you need a content marketing agency

  • Content defines your website

Most users online aren’t interested in spending money. They are either looking for information or entertainment. Content is a powerful tool that urges people to visit your website and take an interest in more than the information you are offering. 

How many times do we have to tell you that…

“Google loves great content!”

One reason why you need a content management agency is that you need the right content for your website. Your website needs the proper content to define your website and what it is all about.

Google depends on the content to add value on your website, and without the right content, your website will never be able to rank in search engines.

  • Proper content management

Most people think that content management is an easy task. It is one of the core factors that makes a website popular. Content management needs real effort and takes a lot of time. From content creation, promotion, and maintenance, you need someone to care for those pieces of posts that put value to your website.

  • Expert advice

If you are new in creating content, you may not know that creating a post is not as easy as writing an article. You need to write about the right thing if you want your content to matter and to be seen. However, if you are largely unaware of what you’re doing or writing, no matter how valuable your content is. It is not going to be enough.

  • Lesser risk and higher returns

Unlike other methods of marketing, content marketing is much cheaper. However, it is the one that drives most of the traffic to most websites. An online marketing agency knows what post will generate traffic, which content can drive sales, and when is the proper time to create a post. If you get a content marketing to do the bidding for you, you are guaranteed to get results faster than doing it yourself.

  • Noticeable increase in lead conversion with less effort

Who would have thought that giving out tips or pieces of advice would encourage leads to purchase things that you’re offering? Conversions are vital to the growth of your website. Doing the task of creating content and marketing the content yourself is very time-consuming. Worst of all, you’re doing everything in an amateurish way. The time you spent learning how to do it yourself is time lost in making a profit or gaining more traffic towards your site. A content marketing agency will lessen the burden, make it easier for you to drive traffic towards your website, and even drive more sales with less effort.

  • More affordable than doing it yourself

As we’ve mentioned in our previous point, the time you spend in learning is a wasted opportunity to generate traffic and income towards your website. Content marketing is more affordable than other marketing or advertising strategies out there because most of the avenues used to market your content are free. From holistic SEO practices, social media marketing and management, proper content creation and promotion are free.

  • Secure the future of your website

Content is the best way to advertise your website. One of the most efficient means of boosting brand awareness is through content. Content guarantees better exposure since you are also providing valuable solutions to many user’s problems. A practical way of building a great future for your business’s online presence is by providing content that will help users, regardless of whether or not they convert to your website.

  • Sure shot for backlinking opportunities

Only great content will get quality backlinks to your website. No one is willing to refer to a website that provides poor content. Every great and unique content will automatically let other websites recommend you to their followers.

No matter what type of website you are running, content management is essential to your online presence, especially if you are planning to monetize your content. For some, DIY management provides a smooth stream of profit on their website but for most who gets help from a content marketing agency soars in profit-making. Redefine your website the proper way with the right content. Why not give it a shot?

6 Awesome Ways to Dominate the Social Media Marketing World

With so many advertisers out there, how would you know what to do to be on top of the social media marketing platform? Read on to learn the tricks of the trade.

You’ve probably heard that creating engaging content for each post that you make will guarantee traffic to your website. You’ve also probably heard that you need to use the most interesting titles to get the attention of users towards your website. Though they have proven to be effective at some point, it’s not always true that it will work out for you either. Let’s face it. Everyone is doing the same thing, desperately finding ways to dominate the social media marketing world.

Everyone is already creating engaging content, and everyone is also using fun titles as a ‘click-bait.’ Using a social media marketing platform is no longer a ‘new and revolutionary’ way of marketing your brand, your products, or your services. So, the question now is, how can you dominate something that everyone is already using?

  1. You actually need to pay

You can barely make a hit nowadays with free marketing. Much like any other advertising strategy before the internet existed, we highly recommend that you make the most of paid ads. Don’t worry, though, online ads are way cheaper than other ways of advertising your product. Many advertisers swear by using Facebook ads while the majority will say that it is practically a waste of time.

So, what’s the difference? Facebook Ads is only useful if you run a targeted ads campaign. On Facebook, you can customize your reach by specifying what location and which demographic you want to reach out to. In fact, if you already have an existing list of emails subscribed to your website or your emails, you can import that list to your Facebook ads campaign to target these customers.

Remember that your objective in paying ads on Facebook is by getting people to convert. You don’t just want them to view your page but instead go to your website and make a paid purchase.

  1. Social media has a unique search engine

What’s so unique about the search engines in social media is that you can get a direct way of communicating with people that share the same interest as you. If for example, you want to search Twitter with any phrase related to your niche, you get results that lead you to potential leads and partners. 

If you have a bakery in Colorado, and you want more people to come to your doors, you can run a quick check on Twitter and find results for ‘Bakery Colorado.’

You will get this immediate result…

Almost instantly, you get relevant results that point to people who take an interest in bakeries in Colorado. What’s more is that with the short tweets, you can also weed out the ones that are not relevant to you. The results are quite diverse because you’re only looking for those who mentioned ‘bakery’ and ‘Colorado’ in the same tweet. But if you change your search to ‘Best Bakery Colorado.’ You get a list of people posting about great bakeries they’ve been to.

You get a more specific result posting recommendations for bakeries they’ve been to. It is where you will know how well or how bad your bakery’s publicity is. You can already start to strategize your way of marketing your business better by finding out what you lack. It will also give you a list of people who find your bakery a great place to go to, and you can personally reach out to them and give them a promo for their next visit. This allows you to make direct contact with satisfied visitors and turn them into ‘Loyalists.’

  1. Establish your brand with third-party platforms

This is probably steering away from your actual objective, which is to get traffic towards your website. But by engaging or making your presence known in third-party platforms extends your reach to more than 100% of what your website is already tapping. Why is that? Well, with over billions of existing sites out there, you’re bound to split the difference with only a few million users. Others before have probably already been reaching out to millions of viewers in their platforms and engaging yourself with other platforms not only extends your reach but also builds awareness to your brand.

You can also rank in other social media network like in Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to gain better exposure and also direct the growing interest to your personality towards your website. No matter what happens, you still get what you need: exposure and reach.

  1. Don’t try to outwit the system but build a community

Social media has a fixed way of doing things. It allows you to customize your ads (like Facebook), and it also allows you to build a community organically within the platform. Social media has been there for almost ten years now. And you can’t really cheat your way to getting a massive community in an instant. It takes time to build, but what you can do is build a community among the ones that are already following you.

One great way of creating an established following on social media is by turning your existing customers into loyal supporters of your brand, and they will be willing to ‘spread the word.’ You should try and gather those who are most active in constantly making purchases, rendering services, or even those who just love to interact with your posts and other activities. 

Create a group that would love to interact with each other having you as their ‘common’ ground. This small list will build an active community that will support your brand. But when you are creating this group, don’t be too aggressive in marketing your business. Be subtle and talk about a related niche or related interests that still have subtle hints about what you are offering.

  1. Trends don’t always last long, analyze what works for you

We already have strong established social media platforms that allow you to build and establish a good community for your business or your website. You can already focus on these massive social media platforms to market your business.

Chasing after trending platforms not only take you away from your focus on your current social media activities, but a growing trend still has a solid ground for you to hold onto. Remember that trends have a quick growth in attention, but it also dies down just the same

Only a few trends stick for a long time, and those are the platforms that you want to be in. Also, you have to take note that when you chase after a trend, your competitors are also doing the same thing. To make a difference, utilize the proper use of each social media marketing platform to your advantage. 

  1. Tags, tags, and more tags are your social media keywords

Never forget to add related hashtags to your posts. Make sure the in every moment you make a tweet, share an image, pin a cute pin, or share videos, always make it a point that you tag your location, your activity, and any other related hashtag you can think of.

Hashtags are more powerful than you think. It allows you to find people who are tagging their interests. It is an excellent way to analyze a demographic of particular interest or hobby, and it is also an efficient way of finding direct contact to potential customers as well as partners. But also remember this, you need to be active in your social media platforms. If you cannot, then you must find a way of doing so like hiring a team of professional social media managers, digital marketing agencies to manage your platforms, and even freelancers.

Social Media Marketing is no longer new, but it is still highly possible to get a great marketing from it. You just need to start doing the right things. These are only a few ways to help you dominate the social media marketing world to build your brand and your business.

What Am I Doing Wrong with Social Media Marketing?

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Meta description: Wondering why you’re not getting traffic from your social media accounts? Find out what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it with KCMO Ads.

You’re probably wondering why in the world your social media marketing efforts are just not paying off. No matter how much you pay ads, they barely get you traffic. And no matter how hard you keep up your social media accounts, the ads won’t even give a single conversion. It’s all just waste of your valuable time. And money. And we’re pretty sure you’re asking yourself ‘What the hell am I doing wrong with social media marketing?’ 

Social media marketing is among the most effective ways of marketing your online business. However, it is also the easiest method of screw up. Social media marketing mistakes are very common but it is effective in most of the time you apply it. But if you’re doing the wrong things, you’ll never reap the full benefits of amazing market and traffic you can get from it. Here are ways you’re doing it wrong and how you can fix your mistakes.

  1. You’re Treating it Like a Side Project

One of the reasons why most online businesses fail to get good traffic from social media is simply because they sideline social media. Online businesses will never catch a break if they don’t take social media marketing seriously.

Have you ever wondered why some online businesses hire a social media account manager in the first place? You may think of it as a waste of money to hire someone to open Facebook and make posts, then think again. Facebook caters to more than 2 billion active users, and all of them are creating posts at a time. 

The average lifespan of a Facebook post is merely a maximum of 5 hours. In about 3 hours, your post will have already gotten to 75% of your maximum reach or exposure. And from then on, the lifespan of your post quickly plummets to the point that it disappears. On the other hand, Twitter has a lifespan of 30 minutes unless it gets viral.

What to do: You need to take social media marketing seriously. Every post you make counts and to be able to get traffic from social media, you need to have constant exposure. It means you need to keep making posts.

  1. Everything is Automated

Automated messages are fine especially when you have a stream of followers making inquiries, but it shouldn’t stop there. One common mistake people do is that they think automated messages will answer all of your subscriber’s queries. When this happens, followers lose interest in waiting for you to interact with them.

What to do: Always stay in touch. If you cannot handle it yourself get someone to manage your social media accounts to provide your followers with real human interaction.

  1. You’re Not Doing the “Social” Part

There is no point in having a social media account if you’re not going to be social at all. Another social media marketing mistake that most people make is that they only use social media accounts for promotion in hopes of getting people to subscribe and support your online business. But, the truth is, it’s not worth it if that is your only purpose. Social media is meant for engagement. With or without any promotions or special offers, you are building awareness towards your business on an hourly basis.

What to do: Stay active on your social media account. Post, repost, share, and like posts to always stay in your subscriber’s radar. Social media should be used primarily as an instrument to establish brand awareness and not just to make posts about upcoming events and promotions.

  1. You’re Winging it

No influencer online will ever get popular if they just ‘winged it’. It is not a part-time effort but rather something that needs careful strategizing to get a broad reach and a high number of impressions and converts.

What to do: Dedicate at least an hour of your time each day to monitor and stay active on your social media accounts. Make sure that queries are answered. Your account must have at least one post for each day and always check on your notifications as well.

  1. Relying Too Much On Paid Ads

Boosting a Facebook Ad post will definitely increase your reach but just leaving everything to boosts and paid ads will result in zero interaction and convert.

What to do: The moment you make a post, keep your attention to it. Make sure that when you boost a post, you have to monitor it for the first couple of hours. It will help you gauge the effectivity of boosting your posts. If you just leave your paid ads alone, you’ll never know if it is doing your business any good. It’s also a good way of knowing whether your social media strategy is hurting your brand name as well.

  1. Not Keeping Up With The Trend

To get tons of attention towards your site, you need always to stay updated. Knowing the trend is one of the ways to keep your posts and your engagements highly active.

What to do: Holidays, top news, top entertainment trends, and popular events are things you should always look out for. When you’re up-to-date, it’s easier to keep in line with the track and gain more people’s attention. 

  1. Poor Content Quality

Just because they are posts that only last for a few hours (or days in other social media platforms) doesn’t mean that you should have simple low-quality posts. Remember that each of your posts carries the potential to turn a follower into a customer. Poor quality content will even make some of your patrons unfollow you in social media. 

What to do: If you are not so talented in making written content, make up for it using great visuals. Quality is all about creating a post that is highly attractive to the eyes of many.

  1. You Do Not Measure Your Stats

Do you know how many people your ads reached? How many impressions have is made? Not measuring your ad promotions or the posts engagements that you make and the traffic the comes from your social media accounts is one of the sure ways of you losing a ton of traffic. Not knowing how efficient and effective your strategies are technically doing your business blind.

What to do: You can easily measure your traffic through plugins on your WordPress website and tools that measure your social media marketing strategies. It will give you a clear way of analyzing which of the social media platforms are useful and which ones are failing and working to your disadvantage.

  1. You’re Using the Wrong Social Media Platform

Who said that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media platforms you can use to get traffic and converts to your website. Other platforms will drive better campaigns to your site. 

What to do: Do your research first before deciding which social media platform to focus on. Some businesses that have local establishments are perfect for Facebook. Those who want to reach professionals can market in LinkedIn, and those online freelancers who would like to sell their visual artworks can do better on Instagram and Pinterest. Other platforms are SnapChat, Reddit, and many more.

  1. It’s Not Visual Enough

No one finds entire paragraphs of words enticing. Even if the content is excellent but if it doesn’t have any visual appeal, no one is going to give it a second look.

What to do: If you want people to be attracted to your posts, you should utilize the proper use of colors and images. Posts should be highly visual because that is the only way to catch the attention of users to skip other posts and focus on yours.

  1. You’re Not Optimizing Your Posts

Publishing posts after posts will not guarantee a broader reach. You need to find a way to reach not only a larger number of people but the right people as well.

What to do: Optimize your posts by adding hashtags or other related posts. But make sure that you create a unique hashtag for your business. 

  1. Social Media Won’t Do It All

Being active in social media will not make everything work out the way you want it to if most of your marketing strategies are solely from social media. There are other strategies to focus on to market your business.

What to do: create a new strategy to market your business if social media is not working. Try to personally find clients yourself (if you must) but never solely depend on posts to make your business easy to find.

These may be simple, but these mistakes are costing you a lot of money, time, effort, and even traffic that’s not growing. If you are stagnant for just a week of marketing, you need to look at your strategy again and find a way to improve it.

10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing on Social Media

Part 1

Keywords: effective social media marketing strategies, Google online marketing challenge 

Meta description: One of the toughest Google online marketing challenge is to find effective social media marketing strategies and apply them to your website. Here’s how!

You’re probably already aware of the power of social media marketing for your website. You’re also already probably aware of what wonders it can do for your organic traffic as well. But most of the time, we face a dead end even in our most effective social media marketing strategies. We’ve already talked about the common social media marketing mistakes; now it’s time to answer them with quick and easily actionable tips that you can do without spending money on paid ads.

If you think we’re giving you just 10 super easy tips you can do yourself, think again! We’re giving you 10 tips for each of the top social media marketing platforms that you should really do to boost your brand awareness and increase sales!

Here is a list of super easy tips you can use to boost your social media marketing strategies across different platforms.


Facebook is still the leading social media platform in the world, boasting about 2 billion users. Maximizing the use of Facebook pages is one of the best and effective social media marketing strategies to implement for your business. It also offers the largest exposure for marketing big and small businesses alike. But did you know that you can boost your market with these simple steps? Here’s how you can reign supreme in your niche on Facebook social media advertising:

  1. Increase engagement

Facebook loves active engagement with users. Increasing participation in your Facebook business page will continuously engage your followers to stay tuned to your pages. It will also help Facebook promote your page better if ever you have paid Ads.

  1. Study your demographics

Facebook has tools that analyze the type of users that actively engage in your page. It is an excellent way of knowing if you are reaching the right target market and if you happen to attract users beyond your target market, you can start optimizing your posts to address the needs and preferences of a specific demographic. Through the Facebook tool, Facebook Insights, you will know the statistics according to age, gender, location, and more.

  1. Post at the right time

Who would have thought that the best times to post on Facebook are on Wednesdays and Tuesday at high noon? Yes! When people are tired and weary from the routine of work and school, they are highly engaged in social media during lunch hours. It is the best time to start posting especially if you are posting locally. 

  1. Match the right media to your business

Be smart in choosing the right type of media for your business. Using How-to tips of non-food products are great ways to entice readers. But every how-to post you’re going to link should have it’s own unique image to attract the attention of users. How-to posts are also great if you do a video to help users as well.

  1. Always post fresh and relevant content

The downside to social media is that news today is old news an hour later. If you’re not up-to-date, you’re easily forgotten. Staying on top of the story and trend and matching these trends with relevant content or with content that gives newer insight into a particular trend will make your posts even more popular.

  1. Get your people to like, share, and interact on your page

Since you own a small business that you’d like to market. Have your employees like and follow your Facebook page. Get them to like and be active. A simple yes from one of your employees is a guaranteed way to have their friends take an interest in your page too.

  1. Hashtag it all the time

Choose the right hashtags. Before you make any of your own, add one that is already popular in your niche. You should also tag the locations you are in if you’re attending or you’re business is participating in an event in a different location.

  1. Keep up to date with the trend

As we’ve mentioned, staying on top of the trend and make posts that are related to what’s hot now is a sure shot. But make sure it is also relevant to your niche.

  1. Advocate diversity

In the modern day world, people love it when you embrace diversity. Don’t be racist, sexist, or just plain mean to people you don’t know. If you want your business to stand out, be a pillar of support to demographics that are also highly scrutinized.

  1. Optimize your page

This is one of the things most Facebook businesses forget. Optimize your Facebook page by choosing stellar photos for your cover and profile photo. Also, add a fun and exciting description that will highlight what your business does. 


Although tweets have the shortest lifespan in any social media platform (each tweet eventually dies after 24 minutes), each tweet is highly marketable. Twitter is a great way of boosting brand awareness towards your website. It is also a very efficient and effective way to create buzz for your products and services.

  1. Make your profile tweetable

Tweets and posts aren’t the only things that are tweetable. Your profile should be too. Use great photos that show exactly what your business is all about. A tip that we can give is that you choose a stunning photo and add your logo to it. 

  1. For small businesses or local businesses, using your logo as your profile picture is actually not that appealing since many users may not be aware of your business as of yet.
  2. For larger businesses, using a clean logo image is the right way to go. The logo shows that your twitter account is a legit business that people can look forward to checking out and visit. 
  3. If you are an individual who is selling your services, you should use a clean, professional full headshot photo. 
  4. Invest in stunning visuals

Don’t always focus on selling your product when you are on social media. The chances are that people will tag your tweets as irrelevant, and they don’t want to see any tweets from you in the future. Do this instead:

  1. Invest in amazing original photos and add a watermark of your business in each of them,
  2. Add a fun tweet along with your post,
  3. And, post them in other related social media platforms as well.
  4. Optimize your bio page

Like Facebook, you should know that your bio page is your defining figure. First impressions mean a lot and that goes for your profile picture, but if someone wants to get to know you better, you need to make sure they do. Optimize your Twitter bio page by adding the right image, cover photo, and description. 

  1. Use the right hashtags

Always do your research when you add a hashtag to your tweets. Remember that you shouldn’t fill up your tweet is pure hashtags, it’s a real eyesore. Adding one or two hashtags are enough. You also should limit your mentions as well since it will certainly make your tweets quite messy, looking at all those blue linked words.

  1. Tweeting at the right time

Like Facebook, there is an ideal time where you can tweet. Different sources say various days if the week or various times of the day. Some would day in the middle of the week from 5-6pm, or early in the weekdays from 7-8 am. But one thing is for sure, the peak times when more people are on Twitter are when they are either going to or coming from work or school. These are times when you’re relaxed, and you’re looking for means of entertainment and Twitter happens to be the most entertaining.

The reason why Twitter gets the most engagements at these hours, unlike other social media platforms is that Twitter is full of entertainment and ‘high’ in gossip tweets. Facebook and Pinterest are filled with various topics, but Twitter is all about current news, updates, events, and what’s going on with your people. And when you’re looking to entertain yourself, Twitter is the go-to social platform.

Are you interested to know more tips for Twitter? Go our the second part of this post and learn the rest of the 10 actionable tips that you can do for your business on Twitter. We’re not going to stop there; we are also giving you one more awesome Twitter tip and 10 surprising ways you can boost your sales by using Pinterest. These are simple but highly effective social media marketing strategies that you can easily do yourself.

The Google online marketing challenge is not just about ranking in Google. What you may not know is that getting a good following and active engagement on your social media will help boost your page on Google search engine rankings. It’s also a great source of backlinking towards your posts.

What are you waiting for? Check out our part 2 for the 10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing in Social Media. If you have other tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email or leave a comment down below. 

10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing on Social Media

Part 2

Keywords: social media target marketing, social networking marketing strategy 

Meta description: Social media target marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, we have an awesome social networking marketing strategy list for Twitter and Pinterest right here!

In our previous article on 10 Super Easy Tricks for a Successful Marketing in Social Media, we showed you 10 simple ways you can boost your sales through Facebook and five simple things you can do on Twitter! Now, we’re continuing the second half of our social networking marketing strategy on Twitter and Pinterest!

Don’t forget to interact with followers

Your followers are the driving force of your Twitter. With more followers, you get more chances of showing off your business, your website, and the products and services you’re selling. But to have more followers, you need to be very active on Twitter as well.

Link to your site appropriately not obsessively

One of the problems that make your followers unfollow you on Twitter is your obsessive need to plug your business or your website. It is a big NO-NO. Always posting about your business will make your tweets seem spammy and everyone hates that. No one likes ad-like tweets or posts popping up in their social feeds.

You can link your website from time to time but never every time. It’s always best to tweet about relevant information that is related to your niche. Reposting funny images or jokes also related to your niche is an excellent way to attract followers. The increase in sales will come later on.

Leech on your niche influencer

The great thing about Twitter is that you can follow anyone without them following you back. You can also mention anyone at any time. You should follow influencers in your niche, and if you have relevant information you’d like to share on the same niche, you should mention influencers in your niche. Their followers will be able to see what helpful tip you can offer and will soon look you up.

Build an amazing Twitter experience

A Twitter experience will give you a significant increase in your social following and indirectly towards selling your products and services. Here are some cool ways you can improve the Twitter experience.

Make your tweets all original

Don’t easily retweet (in fact, barely retweet at all). You should only retweet those that are selectively amazing tweets.

Always respond to mentions and comments on your tweets

Speak the lingo, don’t be sooo stiff when you’re tweeting. That would be a major turn off.

Get your people to tweet!

Like Facebook, if you have a brick and mortar business, you should also make the most of your employee’s Twitter accounts. This will help you maximize your social network marketing strategy by getting your employees to be active in engaging on your business Twitter account.

Twitter Plus 1

We promised you an additional tip to help boost your sales through, and that’s by including a link to your website. But with limited characters, you might end up using all the character allotment on a tweet.

You can use the following sites in shortening your links to give more space for your tweets:

Most popular URL shortener:

Best for Monetizing Links:

With options to customize:

Great for URL customization: 

Other Candidates:


Who’d have thought that Pinterest is among the most valued social media marketing platforms? Not only does it have vast reach, your pins usually target the right audience. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, your posts can stay for weeks and even months after posting them. What’s also so right about pins are that you can share and re-share them again.

Infographics are magic images

Pinterest is a highly visual social media networking website. And one of the most pinned pins is infographics. Any infographic and original image or photo you’ve created should also be on Pinterest.

Make your images on your website Pinnable too. This makes social sharing easier for you. It’s also a great way for you to share content on various platforms.

Create a post for each pin

If you click on a certain pin, some pins have posts that elaborate the content of the pin. This makes a pin highly valued by users because they get not only an inspiring image but also relevant content.

Posts in each pin help boost your credibility as a good source of information too. And the more information you can provide, the better it is for your business and your website as a whole.

Post only high-quality images

Since Pinterest is an image dependent social networking site, you need to post high-quality images. They are shareable not just in Pinterest but in other social media platforms as well.

When you have high-quality images, you may even end up getting followers asking to have your pins posted on their blogs or website or even as an ad for their business.

Build busy board communities

Creating a buzz towards your pins is one of the must-dos on Pinterest. The main goal in Pinterest is not to sell but to get a lot of attention and to turn that attention into something very engaging. As we keep mentioning over and over again, engagement is vital in running a social media account no matter what platform it may be.

And on Pinterest, the best way to create a buzz is to build boards that many would love to interact with. Creating boards is a great way of organizing your pins and engaging conversation between you, and interested individuals will help keep your pins high on the search ranks on Pinterest. You also want these engagements since they will also increase your popularity on the site. And we all know what popularity means, it leads to awareness and more sales!

Make each post matter

As someone who wants to make a name on Pinterest, image message value is the most important. Unlike other image-dependent social media platforms, Pinterest only wants high quality and valuable images. It’s not a lifestyle SNS like Instagram. It’s a social network that carries entertaining, persuasive, and informative content. Your main goal needs to have pins that will cater to the needs of various users (especially your target market). 

Make your profile easy to navigate with boards

Aside from keeping your pins properly categorized and organized, boards make it easier to keep track of your pins. It also makes it easier for followers to find your pins. Making everything easy to find and easy to manage. It also makes interaction with your followers easier.

Rich pins for the win

Rich pins are pins that come with extra information. The four most popular types of rich pins are:





Rich pins are pinned more often than typical photo pins. But what’s great Pinterest is that product pins from different websites can be bagged (or carted) and checked out in one go. Pinterest makes it easier for its users to shop and check-out (as long as the products are found on Pinterest).

NOTE: the best products sold and featured on Pinterest are related to parenting blogs, recipe and cooking, and finance blogs.

Post and engage with your audience

Like always, never forget to be active! No matter what effort you put and make in creating your Pinterest account, you need to be sociable as well. This is the only way you can grow and continuously popularize your content via Pinterest.

Monetize your pins appropriately

Another awesome way that you can do on Pinterest is to monetize your pins. Your pins are also good sources of passive income. It may not be , but it’s still income nonetheless.

Repin your pins

One social networking marketing strategy that is very effective on Pinterest is repinning. It can really make your pins popular again if you bring it out in the limelight again!

So, here we have it! This simple awesome list of things you can do will really help you out in boosting income potential for your products and services. What’s even greater is that none of these steps will ever cost you a penny!

If you have other cool tips you’d like to share, you can pop us an email or comment down below!

5 Reasons Why Google Love Responsive Web Design

Keywords:online marketing agency, content marketing agency 

Meta description: Did you know that mobile compatibility helps boost your ranking? Know why responsive web design is so important and how you can make your site mobile friendly.

By 2018, 58% of searches are on mobile. Our gadgets are handy tools that give us practically everything we want and need. Based on a three-year research, it shows that users spend more time on their mobile devices searching on the internet than they do on their desktop. And what more can we ask for? If you want your website to go higher in the ranks, you need to make it mobile-friendly. And there are three ways of doing it: create a mobile version, use CMS or mobile plugins, or use responsive web design (RWD).

No matter which method you choose, they make the job done. You end up with optimized web pages that are light and suitable for mobile display. In 2015, Google released a new algorithm popularly known as ‘Mobilegeddon.’ Unlike Google Penguin that rewards websites that have excellent quality content by giving these sites a boost in ranking, Mobilegeddon does not. Instead, it penalized websites that are not optimized for mobile display and thus pushes them down the search engine ranks despite the quality content.

Quality content versus Mobile-friendly design?

It’s definitely mobile-friendliness here. With more and more websites keen on creating quality content, Google can easily replace a web page with great content but poor mobile display. Google is designed to prioritize user experience (UX), and if your posts or pages aren’t fit to be displayed on gadgets, it is easily dropped off the ranks.

What are the different ways to make a website mobile friendly?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are three ways of making your website mobile-friendly:

  • Mobile Version or M-Version

The mobile version or the m-version of a website is technically the same as creating a lighter or a mini version of your website. Facebook is popularly known for this because it has an m-version of its site for cellphones with lower processors. If you go on any of your gadget’s browser and type in:

You will get this:

You will go to the mobile version of the website. It is ideal for such a large social media platform like Facebook. In fact, they didn’t just stop there. They also created Lite app versions of Facebook for all types of phones to have access to the World’s leading social media platform.

This dedicated mobile website version is a subdomain of your website making it a seemingly different identity that you need to manage separately.

You can either manually create a mobile version of your website (but this can be tedious and problematic) or convert your website with the use of conversion platforms like BMobilized ( or Duda Mobile (

Perfectly optimized for mobile displayLight and very easy to load and very fast to implementAwesome for user experience on mobileCheaper to use
It’s like creating a different websiteManagement is separate from the actual websiteMeasuring statistics is also differentYou need to be abundant in using the canonical to prevent duplication of content
  • Popular CMS Plugins

Not all CMS platforms cater to mobile-friendly display. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are some of the sites that offer plugins, builders, or themes to make your website more mobile-friendly. All you have to do is either get or purchase the plugin, and you are pretty set to start designing the website fit for desktop and mobile display.

Easy to useOverall cheaper to implementCustomized mobile design for different pagesQuick to implementTedious since you have to design each page individually to fit mobile displayTime consumingDesign limitationsMay not be compatible with installed site theme
  • Responsive web design

Much like a CMS mobile plugin, responsive media allows you to create different web pages without the need to develop a sub-domain. Responsive media automatically adjusts your website to the type of device used by the user.

In simpler words, your website enlarges or shrinks depending on what device a user is using. Most updated themes are already optimized for mobile display. It adjusts to the size of the screen from smartphones and tablets to notebooks and desktop screens. 

Easy to use, implement and manageSome are customizableVersatile because it works with all types of devicesLight on storage because it only uses the same URLNot all themes are responsiveAdvertisement banners and other plugins may not be compatibleCan be costly

Why is responsive web design Google approved?

Google is all about providing the best user experience. And one way to make sure that most websites would adhere to that mission, Google promotes mobile-friendly websites. But it’s not just about user experience; there are also other reasons why Google loves responsive media. 

Here are the reasons why Google love responsive web design

  1. Website statistics are easier to track

Unlike creating a subdomain, it is so much easier to track your statistics by using RWD. RWD lets you use on one URL. With that, you can centralize all the traffic that you get from organic or paid traffic, mobile or desktop searches, and many more.

It also reduces the confusion when you’re trying to measure the performance of your website as a whole. It is where the problem with dedicated mobile sites come in. It can be quite messy to keep track of that actual traffic of your site if you have subdomains.

  1. On-site management expenses are lower

Since everything is in one place, you don’t have to worry about extra expenses in creating a subdomain. Though RWD can also cost you, the overall expenses are relatively cheaper since you are only managing a single site.

  1. You’re ahead of the competition

Did you know that most websites are still not mobile-optimized? That’s because not everyone knows Mobilegeddon yet. Only those who are up to speed with mobile-friendly designs know how to optimize a website for mobile display. And even if it’s already been years since this algorithm has been published, it is still mostly unused by about 40% of all websites.

  1. Increases your chances of ranking higher in Google search engines

Google will merit your website if it notices that you are using responsive web design. Though you have a subdomain for mobile display, Google will only rank your website on mobile searches and your main site on desktop searches.

With a responsive design, one page adjusts fully to the type of device used. And this is highly preferred by Google because it doesn’t have to go through two versions of your website and ranks it on its search engine.

  1. Less effort in optimizing your website

When you have a subdomain, every change you make to a webpage should also be made on the other version. RWD allows you to make changes, and it will automatically apply to the entire website. This makes changes variably easy to implement on your website.

How to make your website mobile friendly?

Some practices make it easier for your website to apply RWD

  1. Setting Media Queries

It is rather technical but quite easy to learn. This where you set images to adjust sizes by setting the maximum and minimum sizes. You can also set the ratio of your videos and images so that they will adapt properly depending on the device you’re using.

  1. User Testing for Mobile Compatibility

There are plenty of tools that measure the compatibility of your website like Peek (, or ( will help you pinpoint how you can improve your web design for mobile display. 

  1. Reducing File Sizes and Using Flexible Texts

You don’t have to sacrifice image quality just to reduce the image size and make it mobile-friendly. You reduce the file sizes of your images but retain its pristine quality by using TinyPNG (, JPEGmini ( You can also maximize the use of flexible text wrapping so that your texts will adjust to the size of the screen. It will increase in smaller screens appropriately.

Responsive web design or responsive media is one of the biggest players now in Google rankings. It is a must that you optimize your entire website for mobile display. Do you need more help in making sure that your website is Google-approved with the best RWD practices? CAll us today!

How to Get Instant Traffic on Your First Post

Keywords: drive traffic to blog, instant blog traffic 

Meta description: Get the ideal instant traffic for your first blog post. We’ve got 9 amazing tips that will drive traffic to your blog and a bonus if you read ‘til the end.

Every businessperson’s ideal startup begins with an immediate number of customers entering your door. And like any other business (even if you’re a blogger) you are dreaming of getting instant traffic towards your website the moment you launch it. But the truth is, to drive traffic to your blog is just not gonna happen if you stay idle. Don’t easily get discouraged though, because the truth is, there are amazing ways you can get traffic to your website the moment you publish your first post. How? Here are KCMO Ads surprising ways to get traffic pouring to your brand new website.

  1. Build a relationship

Though it’s very easy to say that we should build a relationship with other websites, but when you get to know the trick, it’s pretty easy from there. We are pretty sure that before you launched your website, you have already been following other sites under the same niche as yours.

Ring up your favorite website telling them how awesome they are and that you have just launched your own site. You’d like to link to some of their content and pitch your first blog to theirs so that they can link back to you. Mentioning that you have been following their posts for a good couple of months (or better yet, years) will surely help you score a link or two. This is an easy way to get instant blog traffic.

  1. Start with the Right Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be hectic, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. The problem with most failed advertisements is that they use on strategy. Once they post on Facebook, they link it to Twitter and Instagram and think that it is enough. 

Personalizing each post and optimizing it for each platform is the right way to do it. Sure you’re going to take longer than expected, but you can’t reap as much traffic either.

  1. To get the right market on Facebook, you should specify your demographic or customize your reach. You can do that with Facebook Ads.
  2. For Twitter, you have a limited number of characters, so make the most of hashtagging places, people, and events on each of your posts. Hashtags are powerful because they bring posts together. You get to meet people under the same niche and also find the right target market if you happen to use the right tag.
  3. Instagram is all about getting the right hashtag. Whenever you create a post, you need to use the proper hashtag to get included in the tag. Before you post anything, you need to research your hashtags. Look for ones that your competitors are using and make sure that you find one that is highly relevant to your post. Also, always tag your business or the name of your brand in every post you make.
  4. Make that share button easy to find 

Sharing is caring! But you have to make it easy for your readers to share your content. You can easily get fixed social sharing buttons on your pages or add social sharing buttons after every section of your content. It makes it easier for your users to share content that they find interesting.

Social sharing is one of the best ways to get people to go to your first posted blog. The more you give them a reason to share your content, the better. To get quick traffic to your post is not just a strategic positioning of your social sharing buttons, it is also about the strategic positioning and timing of your posts. Let’s talk about that in our next section.

  1. Strategic posting

Whenever you are aiming for a particular demographic or local area, you need to time your posts well. The best times to post is when most of your target readers are online, and that is often early in the morning or a little later in the afternoon.

Think about your readers who are stuck in traffic while they are on their commute going to or coming from work and school. Think about the later mornings they go online on the weekends. A high percentage of people go online, and it is quite surprising that you will find lesser engagements through the weekends.

Most people are out and busy with their free time during the weekends that Saturdays become a time where social media engagements are quite low. The best times to post are around 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon on weekdays. The peak hours of engagement on weekends are Sundays evenings. But then again, this depends on which social media platform you are using.

To find the best times to post on different social media, you can check out a thorough research about peak engagement periods for various social media platforms by Sprout Social.

  1. Steal Backlinks

You have no idea how cool it is to weed your way into high traffic authority websites by looking out for broken backlinks. Broken backlinks not only create a problem for Google, but it also poses a challenge to internet users.

You want to have the highest engagement as soon as possible right after you publish your post and looking for broken links to insert your post is a great strategy.

You can find broken backlinks from authority websites by using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and other online broken backlink checkers.

  1. Invest in Visuals

Each person takes about 5 seconds to view a Facebook post on their mobile. Each post you make should count, and a long paragraph is just not going to cut it. Even if you have the most informative and most impressive content, you should always make a post that is worth sharing and viewing. The only way to do that is by using visual aids.

Infographics are getting high attention from users. You should focus more on creating colorful images for your posts. Summarize your awesome content with cool infographics, interesting comics, or hilarious memes. You can also turn your most compelling statements from your posts into quote images and such. 

  1. Talk About Something No One Talks About

Topics that barely a lot of people talk about will surely generate a lot of hype. That’s exactly what drives people’s interests, talking about something new. Slay with your next blog post with an excellent topic that you can barely find online. 

  1. Stir up a conversation

Get instant traffic to blog posts on your website through forums and group chats. However, you need to play smart when you try to insert your new post in forums. Be subtle as you try to plug your post; don’t be too aggressive. People will easily lose interest if they think that you are forcing them to take a look at your post. Be interesting and drop hints towards your post.

  1. Choose the right power words

Who’d have thought that using certain words can increase your chances of getting people to click on your post? We are all too familiar about clickbaits where you read interesting titles that make you click on the post only to find out it’s a link to a porn site or it has absolutely no relation to the content at all.

Click baits have a bad reputation, and you don’t want to have posts associated with that but including certain power words like:

  1. Amazing
  2. Free
  3. Bargain
  4. Guaranteed
  5. Cheap
  6. Awesome
  7. Annoying
  8. Useless
  9. Only
  10. Risk-free
  11. Refund
  12. And more!
  13. Bonus Tip

Another great thing to add to your titles is NUMBERS! Numbers add depth, trust, and substance to your post. And people really like it when you are being specific. This is one reason why listicles are very popular. It’s because they can see progress through numbers. Always add numbers to your posts; it adds to its credibility.

To get instant blog traffic is not that easy but the hard work really pays of. Here are only some ways to get quick organic traffic to your website. However, you can also discover ways to drive traffic to your blog. All you need to do is put effort into each post that you make. But if things are getting far too difficult to manage your own site, you can ring us up and give you a hand. We’ve got a team of amazing experts who will surely bring great business to your website.

Using Colors Makes 30% More Users to Buy Product or Services

Planning to build your brand or site? Colors increase brand awareness by 80% Learn which are the best colors to use in marketing and creating your brand here!

Part 1

Who’d have thought that changing a few colors on your logo, posts, website, and even brick and mortar business interior can increase your sales? The use of color in marketing is more popular than you know, but just how much do you know about adjusting colors to benefit your sales? This effective use of colors is called color psychology.

What is color psychology?

Color psychology understands how colors and hues affect human behavior. It is a highly useful tool to communicate emotions and abstract thoughts to influence a person’s way of thinking or the next course of action. 

Is color psychology important?

Yes, absolutely! Many advertisers are already aware of the fact that colors have an impact on people’s decision making. The different colors in the color wheel impart different feelings. And for this reason, colors are used to attract customers towards your brand. Furthermore, the use of proper colors for your brand will increase brand awareness for about 80%.

This is a practical but very productive start to branding. When you are starting to build an online presence for your business, you’d like to start attracting people the moment you begin. Marketers, promoters, advertisers, or however you call it, all know the power of choosing the right color.  

And here at KCMO Ads, we also know just what a change in color can change the impact of your brand to users. So, let’s find out.

What are the best colors to use in marketing?

Since different colors evoke different sorts of emotions, it’s best to know which emotions your business would like to exude. Let’s look at which colors are best for what business and which colors you should be using when advertising.

Color psychology and Their Meanings


Red is the most prominent brand color out there. Red is one of the most striking colors that immediately catch someone’s attention. It pops among a sea of colors, and it is one of the reasons why this color is the most used brand color for all types of business. Why, you ask?

Red is a color that has the strongest impact on many users and customers. Every time you go to the mall, you find it painted in red when there is a massive sale. That’s because red represents intense feelings like:

  • Happiness
  • Excitement
  • Rage
  • Love
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Strength
  • Lust
  • Power

If you notice, red catches one’s attention because it pulls out strong feelings from anyone, whether it is a positive or negative feeling, the color influences you to have a strong emotion. For this reason, red has a strong pull towards customers and online users as well.

However, since it is a very striking color, it has to be used minimally. Too much of the color is an eyesore and will turn heads back because the intensity of the color red can also be overwhelming. For that reason, it is often paired with colors that provide balance like white and yellow.

Brands: Coca-Cola, Virgin, Lego, Mcdonalds, Nintendo Pinterest, Gmail, Burger King, Wendys

Industry Best for: Food, Child Products and Services, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, and Throughout all Industries

  • Yellow

Yellow is a really happy color. It may be a very positive hue; it is a color that easily catches your attention. Like red, it is also a powerful color that represents:

  • Happiness
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Brightness
  • Energy
  • Awareness

Though yellow offers a mostly positive feeling or emotion, it is among the most dangerous colors that you can use in marketing. That’s because a strong presence of yellow is just as overwhelming (and quite frankly too bright for the eyes to keep staring at). It may be an excellent color for marketing, but it is barely used as the main color for brands. It is, however, a popular color that is often paired with other hues like red and black.

Brand: Bic, Caterpillar, SnapChat, McDonald’s, National Geographic, Reese’s, Ferrari

Industry Best for: Food, Sports, Travel, and Leisure

  • Orange

Another warm and positive color on our list is orange. It is a color that exudes positive energy and is highly appealing to the youth. What’s impressive about the color orange is that it gives a business or a company that is cool and cutting edge. 

What’s surprising about Orange is that it is a color that is scarcely used. Considering that it exudes a lot of positive energy and it’s a color that is really eye-catching, Orange is hardly used as a brand’s primary hue.

TIP: If you want to set yourself apart, especially if you are running an online business, the best color to choose is Orange because it represents:

  • Coolness
  • Trend
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Motivation
  • Positivity
  • Warmth
  • Fun
  • Creativity
  • Optimism

The use of Orange builds fascination and it since it is an attractive color, it promotes a sense of calling urging users to easily make a transaction or build a relationship with your business.

Brand: Fanta Soda, Reese’s, Amazon, 

Industry best for: Technology, Art, Food (preferably refreshments), Orange, 

  • Green

One of the most promoted colors in the market is Green. The color itself has a strong representation of health and lifestyle. And it is closely associated with almost all types of businesses from food to products to even non-profit. 

Green is not an ordinary color because it is the only color that influences a person to make smarter, wiser, and healthier decisions. Green also represents the following:

  • Safety
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Reliability
  • Growth
  • Stability
  • Nature 

This is one of the most used colors in branding because it is a color that also brings promise to prosperity both in health and in business. 

Brand: Sprite, Starbucks, TicTac,  Spotify, Land Rover, Animal Planet

Industry best in: Health Products, Skincare products, Banking, Farming, Environment, Real Estate

  • Blue

For some reason, blue is matched off against pink as a masculine color. Blue is among the most loved and preferred color in the world. If you ask a random person around for their favorite color, one out of five would have probably told you it’s BLUE.

Blue introduces a sense of calm. It is a color that is cooler to the eyes and unnerves the brain from tension and stress. But there is more to blue than just bringing a sense of serenity. It is a great color used by many businesses to establish their own brand. Since it is such a natural color to many, it creates familiarity with your business, making your business easier to be comfortable in. Aside from calmness and serenity, blue also represents:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Security
  • Authority
  • Success
  • Control
  • Order
  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Communication

These feelings make blue a great color to add to your brand, especially if you render paid services. Services are built on trust and communication, and blue is just the right color to represent that.

  • Purple/ Violet

As the color at the end of the rainbow, purple or violet is a color that you shouldn’t mess around with. Purple is a color that is popularly known or related to royalty or a sense of being regal. This is a color that shows strength and wealth. Though it is also associated as a gender-biased color preferring the feminine side.

But in the color wheel, there is purple and violet. So what’s the difference between purple and violet? Though both colors are created by mixing red and blue, purple has more red while violet has more hues of blue. Purple is closer to the feminine aspect of the color while violet leans more on the darker duller side of the color wheel.

Purple Violet

The colors are quite different from each other, but they both have the same influence over a person. Purple and violet inspire creativity and wisdom; it also represents:

  • Compassion
  • Mystery
  • Spirituality
  • Fantasy
  • Uniqueness
  • Originality
  • Profoundness

Purple and violet represent strong feelings related to the intellect. This is a great color to use if you offer services related to services that require the intellect like accounting and finance, law, and the like. It’s also greatly used for industries related to humanitarian works and even those that are related to spirituality. But concerning business, this is a great color to represent your brand if you are selling luxury items.

Brand: Yahoo!, FedEx, Cadbury, Hallmark, Taco Bell, Wonka

Industry best in: Humanitarian, Paid Services, Luxury Items

Now that we’re done with the colors of the rainbow and what they signify, let’s talk about other popular colors used in marketing. To know more, go to the next part of this article and find out what the colors Pink, Brown, Black, and Gray means and which aspects of business are they best used for.

We’re not just stopping there, we will also teach you what color combinations are great for what type of business. Ready to learn more about the best colors to use for marketing? If so, just follow our next post on the proper use of color in marketing to help boost your business.

Using Colors Makes 30% More Users to Buy Product or Services

Part 2

Keywords: color psychology web design, best colors for websites

Meta description: Color Psychology web design will guarantee a 24% increase of site engagements if done right. Know the best colors for websites here to boost traffic and sales.

You’re probably thinking of what color or set of hues you’d like to use for your business, right? Hold on right there. Though we’ve already talked about the meanings behind colors, we only managed to talk about the different colors on the rainbow. Before you choose, here is the second part of our list of colors and their meanings. Here, we’re also going to talk about the best colors for websites, and which color combinations are best suitable for your business.

Let’s check it out!

  • Pink

Pink is a rather sexually-biased color. It is strongly linked to femininity, and subtle sensuality that is is one of the most popular colors used in the beauty industry. Pink promotes sensitivity making it a great brand color for skin care and children’s products (especially for little girls).

Pink as a means of advertisement is the preferred color for non-profit organizations or fund-raising events. Since pink is a color that signifies nurture, care, and warmth, you want people to have these feelings to urge them to join a good cause.

Pink represents:

  • Admiration
  • Sensitivity
  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Playfulness
  • Youth
  • Femininity
  • Nurture
  • Care
  • Warmth

This is one of the colors that is hard to pull of. Though it is easy for the fashion industry to work with this color, other industries may find it a struggle to use the color pink. However, you can completely change the message by choosing the right color you can match with the color pink. Scroll below to find out which colors will play well with pink.

Brand: Barbie, Cosmopolitan, Victoria’s Secret, Taco Bell

Industry best for: Beauty and Fashion, Children and Baby Products

  • Gray

Though gray is seemingly a very depressing color, you’d be surprised what gray can do to your label. Using the color gray in your label or brand logo may make it seem dull, dry, or utterly uninteresting overall. That’s because gray is a color that is quite unique yet subtle. It is the only color that represents a somewhat darker mood or emotions like:

  • Neutral
  • Quiet or Silence
  • Dullness
  • Gloom
  • Maturity
  • Subtlety
  • Balance

One of the primary characteristics of gray is its subtlety and its ability to bring balance to your brand or label. The unique feature of gray is that it tones down the intensity of powerful colors like red and yellow. Strong colors can be very overwhelming, but when paired with gray, these colors exude a new feeling of luxury and trendiness.

Gray (on its own) is dull, but it is the only color that not only brings balance to a color but also adds timelessness to a brand. Since gray is the result of mixing white and black, it is a color of stability, meaning it is an industrial color that can also be used throughout different industries and niches.

One more prominent use of gray is its metallic brother, silver. It gives off this trendy futuristic vibe that is very popular in the industrial business.

TIP: Gray is a timeless color. Even if it is correlated to negative emotions, it is very appealing since it brings a futuristic vibe towards a specific brand. We suggest that if you’re using a series of strong colors like mixing orange and red, pink and red, black and red, and the like, adding a hint of gray will create a smooth finish to your brand.

Brand: Forbes, Microsoft, Grey Goose Vodka, Converse, Versace

Industry best for: all industries if combined with other colors

  • Black

Who doesn’t use black? Among any of the colors in our list, black is the most used brand color on the planet. That’s because black is easily accessible, it is a powerful hue that bring about a mix of emotions both positive and negative. One of the most amusing characteristics of black as a brand color is that it attracts onlookers positively and negatively. This is a color that really makes the saying “bad publicity is still good publicity”.

Black is the absence of color. Still, we consider it a color nonetheless. It is a powerful hue that makes a label pop but at the same time brings finesse to a brand. It also represents:

  • Mystery
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Discipline
  • Elegance
  • Sexiness/ Sex Appeal
  • Authority
  • Modern
  • Dramatic

Black is the most versatile color in our list. Using it in your brand makes your label powerful and also quite intimidating (in a positive way). It also adds sophistication and simplicity to your brand label.

Brand: Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Chanel, Gucci, 

Industry best for: All industries

  • Brown

This down-to-earth color is literally the best way to convey a laid back feeling or emotion to a certain brand. It’s a color that is also quite easy to work with but also difficult to master. This is a comfort color that provides stability and simplicity to a certain brand.

Brown is a great complementary color. Like gray, it adds balance to a label, but unlike gray (as well) it gives a more frugal less sophisticated feel. But one primary characteristic often attributed to brown is strength. This is one reason why Brown is a color that is popular in industries that require labor, force, or power. Brown represents:

  • Natural
  • Frugality
  • Simplicity
  • Honesty
  • Comfort
  • Strength

Since brown is a comfort color, it is perfect in adding subtlety to your brand. When you are choosing a color that will add balance to warmer tones, brown is just the right hue for you. Remember though. Brown is also quite picky when it comes to choosing the right partner, never pair brown with other duller colors like gray. Or else your brand will certainly be a snoozefest.

Brand: Hershey’s, M&Ms, Hollister, Nescafe, Gloria Jeans

Industry best for: Construction, Cafes, Agriculture, Environment, Food (particularly related to chocolates)

Best Colors for Websites

Choosing the right color is a huge step to make to keep your audience engaged throughout your website experience. One of the best ways to make your website lovable enough to go browsing through are the colors of your choice. Color psychology web design features are often effective when you use the right color combination on your web pages. Here are some excellent colorful tips that you can apply any time.

Before we talk about these awesome color combinations, you need to know the following:

  1. It takes 50 milliseconds for a person to like or dislike the colors of your website. 
  2. Changing to a better color scheme can increase your total engagement to 24% according to research.
  3. 90% of first impressions are based on the colors of your website.
  4. Color is also the bearer of a brands personality.

Some colors are best fit for the food business while others are great for fashion, logistics, and other industries.

You can’t just work with one color alone. There’s absolutely no fun in that. But using the right color combination will really help your build awareness of your brand.

  • Orange, yellow, and red. These warm colors go together. Whether you combine the three of them or pairing any of these colors together would evoke the feeling of excitement. 
  • Pink, violet, and orange. These colors are fun and active. These colors work well for amusement businesses like playhouses or those businesses that run on fantasy.
  • Gray and warm or intense colors. This combination brings power and authority with the essence of a futuristic and sophisticated feel. It’s great for all types of businesses.
  • Black works with brighter colors but not with natural colors like green or brown. Using earthy tones with black will drag your website into a feeling of despair.
  • Pair two brighter colors with a balancing hue like silver, brown or gray. Using two powerful or intense colors abundantly in your website is overwhelming, so always use accents of two dominant colors instead.
  • Never forget to choose a background color. A background color like light gray, light yellow, or any pastel hues is great in setting an atmosphere.
  • Choosing monochromatic colors should always include a bright hue in a pool of similar colors. An example is using blue, always include a bright blue with a mix of pastel and darker tones. It will help set a good first impression on your website.
  • If you plan on using the rainbow color or a mix of more than four colors, use them minimally around your website like on the header, the footer or just the log of your website.

These are some helpful tips that color psychology web design choices can do to help boost engagements in your website. In fact, following these tips will help increase your conversions and lead to an increase in sales.

Choosing the best color for websites is a smart step in creating your brand and building it towards a popular trend. 

Paid VS Free: Services That Will Increase your ROI Guaranteed

Keywords: increase roi, increase marketing roi

Meta description: Color Psychology web design will guarantee a 24% increase of site engagements if done right. Know the best colors for websites here to boost traffic and sales.

Setting up our very own business website has its perks when it comes to sales. There will (even if it’s a little bit) always be some sort of an increase in your sales. But to get things going, you need the right tools to set up your online business and increase ROI (return on investment). Unlike your business, you weigh your ROI based on your expenses deducted from your investment. But when you bring your business online, your investment is completely different; it’s all about marketing and your aim to increase marketing ROI.

What is Marketing ROI?

Marketing ROI, or return on marketing investment (ROMI), is the money earned from marketing your product or services where the cost of marketing is your initial and primary investment.  So for every dollar spent on marketing, you need to get more than a dollar back to have a good ROI. 

What Paid or Free Services Do I need to Increase Marketing ROI?

When you find tools and sites that provide ways to make it easier for you to manage your website and even increase your sales. Do you really need to buy a premium of these services or should you just settle for the free services offered? Are these paid services worth it? What can you get from these services? Let’s find out.

Social Media Promotion

Is it worth it to put your money on social Media advertisements like Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads help generate a profitable campaign for your business. But what is the ideal cost of profit from these Ads? There are two popular advertisements that businesses often always Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Is Facebook Ads Effective?

Yes, it is if you know what you’re doing. To make any Facebook Ads effective is to run your first course of the campaign and then use it for analysis.

Here is how you can effectively use your Facebook Ad:

  1. Monitor using Audience Insights. Though you want to target a certain demographic, you will be surprised to find that the most number of engagements you get belongs to a different demographic. Audience Insights can help you identify your audience and get an accurate measurement.
  2. Increase Relevance Score. Like Google, they want to post ads that are relevant to the interests of a certain user. Posting and advertising the same theme or content related to your page will help build relevance score. Higher relevance score means lesser cost per click. 
  3. Create different Ad campaigns using the same content. This is what we call split testing. You can use the same Ad but change one element like your headline or your description. Test these ads in different campaigns and see which one gets the most response and apply it to the next. TIP: you can also experiment using the same ad but in different placements.
  4. Target a New Audience. You don’t want to spend a click on those who are already patronizing your content. Try to attract a different set of audience by excluding those who already like your page.

Is Google Ads Effective?

Yes, at some point. However, compared to Facebook Ads, Google Ads is more competitive than you think it is. Unlike Facebook where you can specifically target audiences, demographics, and even customize your Ad placements, it’s not the same as is in Google. In Google, you bid for keywords. 

How to make an Effective Google Ads Campaign?

Never use it for brand awareness campaigns. It’s is very risky to spend a lot of money on Adwords just to increase awareness of your online business. Always make sure that your ads should generate income. Bidding on keywords are expensive, and you have to make sure that you earn more than what you bid on. However, big and small businesses alike vouch for Adwords as a great platform to increase marketing ROI.

Do plenty of research before diving into Adwords. Adwords is very risky because it’s hard to find a cheap CPC for high-value keywords. That’s why you need to understand Google Adwords, how it functions, and how your target users think.

Always have a targeted Landing page for each campaign. Every campaign needs to go somewhere. And creating a high-quality landing is a major requirement before you set up an ad campaign for it. 


Paid ads will reap benefits if you use it well. Get professional digital marketing experts like KCMO Ads if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

Social Media Management

Social media advertising is a great way to increase ROI, but do you need to pay for tools that will help you manage multiple social media accounts in one tool? We’ve come across platforms that lets you manage multiple social network accounts in one like:

  • Buffer (
  • Hoot Suite (
  • Sprout Social (
  • Social Pilot (
  • MavSocial (
  • And many more (

The price ranges from free limited services up to $299 monthly for automated social media management. However, upon trying and checking out their services, we’ve come to find that these tools are also very limited and only support major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Furthermore, we’ve also compared the prices of these services to hiring expert freelance social media managers and found that hiring a person to do these tasks in detail is a better option than having a computer automate your posts and social media activities. In the end, you will still need a person to handle these tools on a regular basis.


Get the free services and hire a social media manager instead. The free services offer the fundamentals of managing social media accounts which include a single inbox, and multiple posting across various platforms. Other paid services are just fluff and you can work with what you have especially if you’re running a small local business. A person who can manage your accounts will be able to customize, adjust, and satisfy your marketing strategies via social media.

SEO Tools

We don’t think this is worth asking because you will surely find out the true benefits of getting a paid SEO tool or services. The only question you have to ask is which tools should you choose instead? With so many tools to choose from which one best fits your business? Find out the top SEO tools used by experts (


Get a paid service but don’t go for the most expensive premium, always set your eyes on the middle priced package because you’re bound to get more than the essentials but not going overboard with services that you don’t need. You don’t have to buy the premium, especially if you’re running a small website. Make sure you study which tools are best for your industry before making a final decision.

Analytic Tools

These tools help you gauge just how well your performance is doing in search engines. It also gives you accurate metrics of traffic based on various elements and factors. You need statistical tools that help you visualize whether or not your website is performing as it should. But if you’re asking whether or not it’s worth putting your money into, the answer is NO!

Google Analytics is readily available at your disposal, and it is easy to integrate it with your website without any cost. Besides, most paid SEO tools already come with analytical tools that will give you just as accurate measurements.


Definitely NOT! You can do away with the services provided by Google.

Now you know which services you should and shouldn’t have to pay for. You can find tools and services online that will help you simplify your journey to a successful online business. But if you’re really uncertain about how to start and what to do, give us a call, and we’re ready to lend a helping hand!

5 Ps of Marketing: Comparing Traditional and Modern Marketing

Keywords: freelance digital marketing, launch digital marketing
SEO Title: 5 Ps of Launch Digital Marketing Strategy for Epic Success

Meta description: Product, Price, Promotion, Place. Are these the only Ps you need for a successful freelance digital marketing strategy? Know the missing P for ultimate success!

You’ve probably gone over tons of articles telling you about the four important Ps that you need to in an effective freelance digital marketing. But let’s face it. That’s the four Ps that is highly effective in traditional marketing. We’ve entered a new era of marketing and sticking to the old traditional way of marketing is practically just bringing your old tactics online.

Believe us when we say that it’s not going to work out the same way it did for your brick and mortar business. Here, we’re going to discuss with you a different perception on the Four Ps of marketing in the digital age and an additional P to complete an effective launch digital marketing strategy.

What are the Four Ps of Digital Marketing?

These four letters have been acknowledged long before the internet existed. These four concepts defined how most traditional marketing strategies worked. Let us find out how these four concepts worked then and how you can apply it now for a digital marketing plan.

The Four Ps of Marketing is also known as the Marketing Mix Concept. 


Definition: Product doesn’t just talk about any tangible item that you can sell. It can also refer to any idea, concept, and even service that anyone is willing to pay for. In other words, a product is something that customers are eager to buy.

Traditional Concept: Back then, people sold the essentials. Whatever it is they can think of to that man needs is the best product. Identifying what product to sell was pretty tricky because, at the time, one has to be an innovator or a creator to be able to have a sellable product.

Before the digital age, to start a business, people identified problems that we didn’t initially think we had. That was the only way they can market their product. You begin by introducing a problem no one used to care about (which for some may not be an actual problem). Then, present your product as the only solution to such a problem.

This method is quite effective because of the following reasons:

  • You become the pioneer
  • You become an innovator
  • You don’t have any competition
  • You can monopolize the market

Some of these specific products that were innovated which we think are utterly unnecessary but are popularly sold are:

  • Baby items like a baby leash, shampoo visor, baby wipes warmer, diaper bin, etc. 
  • Kitchen items like banana slicer, self-stirring mugs, 3-in-1 breakfast maker, onion holder, and more
  • Beauty products like a v-line shaper, nose shaper, make-up tape, eyebrow stamp, and a lot more

These are some ridiculously awesome products sold that are popularly bought throughout different stores. Who’d have thought that mother’s actually needed a baby wipes warmer? And who’d have thought that a nose clip is all it takes to make it big in the beauty industry. No matter how absurd or ludicrous these items are, these items became solutions to problems we never thought we had. Besides, who knew that having a perfectly shaped and aligned eyebrows is such a major issue?

Modern concept: Unlike these sellable items, the most common products we are creating now aren’t meant to solve issues but to simplify life. Most of the products that we buy make life easier for us, and it makes tasks simpler to handle.

The reality is that it’s pretty hard to be an innovator. It’s hard to think of a product that you should create or develop. Instead, we take what’s existing and upgrade it. If these products make your life simpler, our upgrades will make it effortless. Even if you can do it yourself, if you can hire services to do it for you, it becomes much easier.

The most popular products now are:

  1. Content. Creating content is virtually the best product that people are subconsciously buying
  2. Digital services. Anyone looking for a launch digital marketing specialist can find one here.
  3. Assistance. Even if you can do it yourself, why not hire an assistant for a low price and get twice the amount of work done.
  4. Consultancy. Knowledge is power and instead of wasting all the effort trying out various methods through trial and error, getting an expert and pay minimally for pieces of advice is a strong market now and one such person is Neil Patel.


Definition: This is the fair compensation for any product you are offering to sell and market. To successfully market your product, you need to ask a reasonable price that consumers will feel is just. The pricing should benefit you and your consumer no matter what changes will occur in the market.

Traditional Concept: Pricing often always depends on the movement of demand and supply. In simpler terms, the more people want it, the more expensive it gets. And, the more supply you have, the cheaper it is as well. Price always moves depending on these factors, and frequently, the ones who need to adjust are your customers.

This kind of pricing is effective on necessities like food, clothing, etc.

Modern Concept: when applied on ideas and other intangible products and services, demand and supply have very little impact on the actual price of the items you are selling. Now, we base the prices of our products on a ‘cost-plus pricing’ depending on the base prices across the market.

Cost-plus pricing is best applied on sold goods from handicraft items to any other tangible items that you are selling. On the downside, cost-plus pricing is based on the assumption that you’re going to sell all of your units to make a profit. 

In terms of selling ideas or intangible services like SEO marketing, web design, and marketing, you need to know the market first before knowing just how much you will have to charge your customers. After researching the break-even point of a certain industry, that is when you add your mark-up. This point is where adjustments are made especially if you find your prices are too high. You can adjust the prices of your products or services to be more competitive by:

  • Trimming your costs
  • Adding promotions
  • Reducing the amount
  • Reinventing products or services


Definition: Place isn’t just about the right location of your business, it is also about getting the right product to the right target at the right place. It is determining where your target customers are and where they are often buying the products or services you are offering.

Traditional Concept: Location, location, location! You’ve probably heard about this common concept from the day you were planning on setting up your bring and mortar business. Everything was about getting the right location. However, some enterprises flourish even without getting the right location. Another flaw to this is that not all great sites will guarantee an influx of income as well.

Modern Concept: Now that we are considering the digital aspect of our businesses, we no longer rely on offline marketing and management. Once we bring our business online, we find out who our target market is and where they are. It is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. This is also where case studies should be done to figure out which type of audience patronize your business.

To successfully market your business, you find out which platform works best for your industry like social networking or social media sites, search engines, Youtube or business site channels, and many more. People usually buy in different ways:

  • Search engines. The easiest way for your customers to buy online is through Google or Bing. They would often go over the top most listed sites, compare prices, and make a purchase.
  • Through Social Networks. Most business-minded people like yourself bring your business on social media. Buying and selling goods through social media platforms is a growing trend nowadays.
  • By referrals. Once you make a purchase and you’re delighted with what you got, you are more likely to invite or encourage family and friends to try it out. 


Definition: This is the critical method of bringing the ‘business part’ to your business. Promotion refers to your methods of bringing your business to the right people. Simply put, promotion is the communication tool or strategy between your business and your customers.

Traditional Concept: From printed ads to advertisements done on TV and on radio stations, promotion back then is a very limited option or method of marketing. Most of your reach (especially for small businesses) are marketed locally.

Modern Concept: With freelance digital marketing in full swing, there are a ton of ways you can promote your business. And with online marketing, everything is possible. You can:

  • Use email marketing. 

Getting a subscribers list you can send emails to is an excellent way of making promotions and sales. It is a good way of keeping your customers and turning them into loyal patrons.

  • Hire a social media marketer (if you can’t do it yourself). 

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your products and services. But some have a tough time managing multiple accounts throughout different platforms. And for that reason, getting yourself a social network expert is a great idea.

  • Use marketing automation. 

It is a software that allows you to organize, automate, and structure your marketing strategies across various platforms. In other words, your program your advertisements like emails, social media posts and accounts, and many more. 

  • Content marketing. 

It is the creation of high-value content like articles, images, videos, recordings, podcasts, and more for entertainment and informational purposes.

  • Mobile marketing.

Mobile devices are often taken separately in marketing. And since 52% of users refer to their devices than their desktop computers, tapping into mobile marketing opportunities is a great start for your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization.

One of the most common ways of marketing is by SEO where you promote your website, product, or content to attract attention and indirectly influence users to become buyers.

The Final P


Definition: This directly refers to your target market.

One of the things that traditional marketing cannot control are the people you want to reach. You can only market and advertise trying to appeal to the trends of a certain demographic, but you cannot directly have control over which users view what advertisements you release. On the contrary, digital marketing allows you to do that.

Some ways of doing it are by identifying the more significant percentage of people who view or patronize your product and services. You can target viewers according to age, gender, location, type of employment, and also based on interest. This allows you to be more attentive in creating promotional content targeting these types of people.

The missing P is highly effective in digital marketing because you can automate certain promotional activities. It also allows you to be more creative and be more assertive in controlling which content reaches which target market. Now, you know what the 5 Ps are in launch digital marketing and how they can help you in achieving marketing success.